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Virtual Showroom

Flooring Megastore's Virtual Flooring Showroom

Update: Whilst working from home we are unable to physically show you products as we are not in the showroom, however, we can still discuss your options and point you in the right direction of where to look.

What is it?

With everything going on in the world right now it's proving difficult for all of us to freely head out to public places, especially showrooms.  We want to make finding your next floor as easy and as comfortable as possible and more importantly, safe to do so.  We've created our very own virtual showroom.  By using the booking system below, you can pick a convenient date and time to have a Google Hangout 'meeting' with us.  Through this we can use our camera and microphone to show you flooring products.  That way, you can get a sense of the carpet or flooring material without having to leave your home.  

How does it work?

You book a date and time, we send you a link via email to 'Join Hangouts Meet' on that date and time and voila!  You can decide whether you want to use your webcam or not but we'd recommend using the microphone (so we can hear you of course!).

How long will it take?

However long you need. We recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to discuss options but we're flexible and ready to reschedule if need be.

What happens on the call?

We will initially find out what you're looking for and what your current lifestyle is to best determine what products to show you.  We'll show you the items and from then we can work out costings based on the product and how you much you need.  Once we're decided, we can send out physical samples of the flooring if need be and get a quote sent over to you via email.

Do I need to download any software and what devices work?

Yes if you're on mobile, no if you're using a PC/Laptop.  Once you click that link, your web browser will open and all you need to do is allow the microphone and webcam and you'll be good to go.  You are able to use a mobile phone if you have the 'Hangouts Meet' app.  We recommend downloading this before our call.  Laptops and PC's work seamlessly through the web browser.

For the latest updates on our current operating status surrounding COVID-19, please click the link to read more. More info