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Velvet Dream by Lano

Product code: Velvet Dream (LANO)

Brand: Lano

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SmartStrand Velvet Dream by Lano

  • Made from 100% Triexta.
  • 25 year warranty.
  • 2 ply yarn for better wear & longer appearance retention.
  • Smartstrand has a built in lifetime stain and soil resistance.
  • Easily cleaned with water or common household cleaners.
  • Total thickness 9.5mm.
  • TOG value 1.18.
  • Made with KT backing (synthetic flexible) which we recommend using with a new underlay.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Velvet Dream suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.

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Extended Description


SmartStrand carpets are made with high-quality renewable plant based fibres, setting completely new standards in quality, comfort and sustainability. SmartStrand is extremely easy to maintain. SmartStrand provides you with permanent, integrated stain protection that is not subject to wear off. Stains can simply be removed with pure water, leaving no marks at all. Depending on the nature and intensity of the soiling substance, in some cases the use of a mild common household cleaner can be required to get rid of the stain. All SmartStrand qualities are bleach resistant (10% diluted).


The SmartStrand carpets have a particularly pleasant feel. They are extremely soft and smooth. Their high natural UV-resistance leads to an unprecedented colour fastness without fading after long term exposure to sunlight. SmartStrand stands for excellent indoor air quality. For this property, SmartStrand even received the Green Label Plus award in the USA. Smartstrand, a floor enjoying the good life.


Up to 37% of the technologically advanced fibre used to produce SmartStrand materials consists of natural, renewable, plant based materials. SmartStrand fibre production uses approx. 30% less energy than is required in the production of traditional nylon yarns. As a result, SmartStrand production saves approx. 63% on carbon emissions.


Composition and molecular structure of the revolutionary fibre lead to a remarkably resilient, antistatic and reliable carpet. Flattening by heavy use is virtually impossible. SmartStrand is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

25 year warranty

It took years to develop the right fibre and turn it into an exceptional yarn. Its material properties are so outstanding that every X carpet now comes with an astounding 25 year warranty. Once again we are setting new standards for the industry. Really comforting isn't it?

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