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Paperfelt underliner

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Paperfelt Underliner

Product code: Paperfelt Underliner (INTERFLOOR)

from £37.15 per roll (inc. VAT)

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Paperfelt by Interfloor

The main use for paperfelt (aka padfelt) is to act as a draught excluder between your sub-floor and the underlay. There is a fair chance draught within your home, no matter how new it is, will push dust around. Dust can eventually appear around the perimeter of your room, leaving dark markings. In extreme cases it can even show through your floorboards, through your underlay joins and through the backing of your carpet. Paperfelt acts as a cost effective barrier. Make sure you tape your joins up.

This is thick paper, verging on becoming card. It is 175 grammes per square metre, measuring 1 metre wide & 100 metres long. You can use paperfelt for templating areas and if you're helping your Gran move and she's exceptionally fond of her Wedgwood limited edition set, a roll of this could increase your worth with her.

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