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Splendour Room Shot

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Splendour by Associated Weavers

Product code: Splendour (AWs)

Brand: Associated Weavers

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iSense Splendour by Associated Weavers.

  • Made from 100% iSense (polyamide, aka nylon).
  • Total thickness 13.5mm.
  • 20 year wear guarantee.
  • TOG value 1.35.
  • Wonderful soft feel created from one of the best performing carpet fibres - polyamide.
  • Despite the super soft feel, Splendour has better appearance retention compared to carpets made from polypropylene.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Splendour suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.
  • Flooring One call Splendour "Soft Embrace".

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Extended Description

Associated Weavers' (AWs) iSense Splendour has a short, dense, super soft feel but don't think this means Splendour can't handle the rigours of daily home life - it's a gentle warrior of a carpet.

Click here to see Associated Weavers Sensualité (iSense Sensuality) movie.

What makes Splendour and the Sensuality Collection feel so good?

There are a number of yarns (or fibres) used when producing carpet.  The main three are wool, polypropylene and polyamide.  All three have their pros and cons.  AWs have created iSense, a polyamide (aka nylon) yarn of sublime softness.  The pros of polyamide is it's immediate softness and appearance retention compared to all polypropylene carpets.  If you want a carpet to look better for longer chose polyamide.  The cons?  Polyamide yarn is more expensive than polypropylene ... but crikey, the bonkers soft feel you get from an iSense carpet is, in our opinion, so worth the little extra cost.

What style of carpet is Splendour?

Splendour is classed as a Frisé carpet.  Similar to Saxony carpets but the difference between the two is Frisé yarn is more tightly twisted.  Frisé carpets generally offer a longer than average length of tuft and are likely to show foot and vacuuming "prints".  Some folks don't like the look of a visible swirl once the vacuum cleaner's been run over the carpet but us Flooring Gurus love the phenomena ... it shows you've just hoovered ... nice clean carpet!

What warranty does Splendour offer?

Associated Weavers have backed Splendour and all it's Sensuality Collection stablemates with a 20 year ... yes, a 20 year wear warranty.

Is Splendour suitable for underfloor heating?

Splendour is suitable for underfloor heating and has a TOG value of 1.35.

Any brief technical blurb about Splendour?

Pile content:             100% iSense Super Soft polyamidePile weight:               1,350 grammes per square metre (40oz per sq yd)Total weight:             2,180 grammes per square metreTotal thickness:         12.5mmWear classification:    Heavy Domestic

To conclude, Splendour is far from a run of the mill carpet.  If Splendour was a region in London it would be Sloane Square.  Vibrant, classy, sophisticated but maintaining a sense of function.  A considerably softer handle compared to the average carpet, Splendour offers a long carpet life span with a healthy palette of predominantly pastel shades to chose from.  Splendour's secret weapon is it's bonkers mental soft feel.  Prepare to be stunned into submission!

Splendour may not be the cheapest carpet available but there are few carpets capable of this super soft feel.  This cosy feel can only be created when using polyamide fibre which, like Ralph Lauren polo shirts compared to ASOS, carry a slightly higher price tag for the monumental hike in quality.  You should consider warning Mrs Trellis from number 42 before her next afternoon tea visit that you've just installed the softest carpet in the world - she may not be able to cope hiding her envy if she were not forewarned.