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Softly Softly by Associated Weavers

Product code: Softly Softly (AWs)

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iSense Softly Softly by Associated Weavers.

  • Due to limited availability, please check stock levels us before placing an order.
  • Made from 100% iSense (polyamide, aka nylon).
  • Pile height 7.5mm.
  • 20 year wear guarantee.
  • TOG value 0.90.
  • Wonderful soft feel created from one of the best performing carpet fibres - polyamide.
  • Despite the super soft feel, Softly Softly has better appearance retention compared to carpets made from polypropylene.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Softly Softly suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.

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Extended Description

Associated Weavers' (AWs) iSense Softly Softly will knock you off your perch when you feel, for the first time, just how soft and cosy this carpet is but that doesn't mean Softly Softly won't perform for you!

Click here to see Associated Weavers Sensualité (iSense Sensuality) movie.

What makes Softly Softly and the Sensuality Collection feel so good?

There are a number of yarns (or fibres) used when producing carpet.  The main three are wool, polypropylene and polyamide.  All three have their pros and cons.  AWs have created iSense, a polyamide (aka nylon) yarn of sublime softness.  The pros of polyamide is it's immediate softness compared to polypropylene and it's greater appearance retention compared to polypropylene.  If you want a carpet to look better for longer chose polyamide.  The cons?  Polyamide yarn is more expensive than polypropylene ... but crikey, the bonkers soft feel you get from an iSense carpet is, in our opinion, so worth the little extra cost.

What style of carpet is Softly Softly?

Softly Softly falls into the Saxony category.  Saxony carpets generally offer a longer than average length of twisted tufts.  The tips of the tufts remain distinct, not blending or merging together, leaving an elegant finish.  Whilst not a defect, you should be aware that Saxony carpets will show foot prints and vacuuming tracks.  Some folks love that phenomena, some don't ... we love that visual, textured tracking affect - shows off the fact you've vacuumed the carpet!

What warranty does Softly Softly offer?

Associated Weavers have backed Softly Softly and all it's Sensuality Collection stablemates with a 20 year ... yes, a 20 year wear warranty.

Is Softly Softly suitable for underfloor heating?

Softly Softly is suitable for underfloor heating and has a TOG value of 0.90.

Any brief technical blurb about Softly Softly?

Pile content:             100% iSense Super Soft polyamidePile weight:               820 grammes per square metre.Total weight:             1670 grammes per square metreTotal thickness:         TBCmm.  Pile height = 7.5mm.Wear classification:    Heavy Domestic

To conclude, Softly Softly is not the sort of carpet you would see everywhere.  It's the more discerning consumer that gravitates towards the sophisticated look and feel of Softly Softly.  A soft, cosy feel that is rarely matched yet tough enough to contend with the busiest of households, Softly Softly is suitable for any room in your home.

Softly Softly is a fantastic value for money carpet, is it a beauty!  Imagine the shade of green Mrs Trellis from number 64a will go when she comes round for afternoon tea with the Vicar and sees it for the first time.

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