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Looking for Flooring In Kent?

Are you looking for flooring in Aylesford, Maidstone and the rest of Kent? Fancy trying some top-notch hot beverages, renowned throughout the south east area? Look no further than the Flooring Megastore carpet design studio and showroom in Aylesford, Kent. 

Flooring and Carpet Shop in Kent Location:

Unit 9, Access 4.20, New Hythe Business Park, Bellingham Way, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7HP.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30; Saturday 10:00 to 15:00

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Our product portfolio

You could be looking for an everyday, robust product that can perform for a sensible price point or you may be open to ideas and want some inspiration to make Mrs Trellis at number 42 feel a little flooring envy. Whatever your circumstances check us out. Here's why…

Our collection of flooring spans all major styles. Choice can be something to fear when in the hands of someone with little experience and wisdom but when you're in the hands of the Flooring Gurus, embrace this choice because we'll guide you towards something you will have never considered. Now then, don't be scared by the following choices, welcome them like a long last friend:

Carpet,wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), laminate flooring, cushion vinyl, lino, carpet tiles, safety flooring and artificial grass. All of these come directly from the manufacturers. Did you know, most retailers buy a high percentage of their products from a wholesaler? Adding that additional layer of supply makes your flooring more expensive. You don't get that extra layer of cost from us.

To demonstrate how effectively we buy direct from the manufacturers, take a look below… our 3,000ft2 warehouse, complete with forklift x 2 and carpet cutting table (bottom left). OK, it's not the biggest warehouse in the world but how many other local retailers have this amount of stock holding? But what does this huge stock commitment mean to you?

Well, because we stock our underlays and carpets, it means we buy keener… considerably keener. In fact, just the other day we had a young couple visit us. They had gone to a chain store and been offered Cormar Carpets Apollo Plus for £1,400, to do three rooms, stairs and landing. We won their business and were able to supply the exact product, from our own stock, for just £900…true story! Ouch. We could do the same for you too and we're confident we will. 

Our supreme customer care

OK, so we reckon we're pretty damn good but how do we back up this self-proclaimed Flooring Guru status? Trustpilot says it all - click here and spend a few minutes reading our genuine reviews from genuine customers. After checking out our reviews, you should be left in no uncertain terms that we genuinely care about our reputation and because our reputation means so much to us it translates into you experiencing the easiest flooring purchase you could ever make.

We help you make a quicker, informed decision as to what's best for you. We save you money. We execute a highly professional installation and make the whole process easy for you. It really is that simple… but few are capable of carrying out this straightforward process.

We create a better shopping experience

We're a decent bunch of flooring nerds. True, we've been around the block a few times but with time comes experience, knowledge and wisdom.

We now have a trendy, comfortable flooring design showroom that inspires your decision making. Not only does our showroom display some highly fashionable niche products, as well as commodity ones, but we are also proud of our stupendous selection of beverages including top notch coffees, hot chocolate and Earl Grey tea. Prefer decaffeinated? No problem; we've even got that covered. If all this fails to ignite your interior design fire, stroke our office Border Collie; he won't mind.

Apart from all that we really have nothing different to offer you…

Our Showroom Directions

Our flooring design studio in Kent is very easy to get to, just Google search "Flooring Megastore" and click on "Directions" once our details come up… or see the map above. We’ll see you there. 

Flooring Showroom Location: Unit 9, Access 4.20,New Hythe Business Park, Bellingham Way, Aylesford, Kent. ME20 7HP Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30; Saturday 10:00 to 15:00

Location :
Unit 9, Access 4.20,
New Hythe Business Park, Bellingham Way,
Aylesford, Kent. ME20 7HP

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:30pm; Saturday 10 to 3pm.