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PURLINE organic flooring

PURLINE Organic Flooring: A Guide

A high quality polyurethane flooring solution - PURLINE flooring consists of the best organic ingredients and high-performance composite material. It is based on polyurethane - which is a wear resistant and versatile material. It is one of the highest quality plastics available in the market. PURLINE offers a premium synthetic floor covering that constitutes renewable raw materials and natural fillers entirely. It is also manufactured from plant-based oils like castor oil and canola oil as well as minerals that are naturally occurring, such as chalk.

Owing to its unique properties, PURLINE flooring is used commonly for sports equipment, in the medical sector, the furniture industry as well as in the automotive industry. Owing to its health and environment compatible properties, PURLINE Flooring is ideal for usage retirement homes, in hospitals and the health Sector in general. It is also used in public buildings such as schools. It's also used in places such as daycare centers, retail, corporate offices, medical offices, hotels and educational facilities etc.

Fear not, it's also perfect for residential installations.  Featuring all of the above, it is also suitable with underfloor heating, children and pets.  Most products contain a heavy residential warranty with 10, 15 or 20 year guarantees.

With a sound reduction level of up to 17 dB, this flooring is suitable for buildings that demand that the noise emission be kept to a minimum - such as office buildings and even studios.

PURLINE organic flooring is your most ecological elastic flooring choices that is currently available in the market. What's more, it comes with unmatchable product characteristics. Thanks to its extreme resilience as well as exceptional sustainability, PURLINE flooring has gained admirers all over the world and is fast developing a dedicated market of its own. The great thing about the most advance variants of PURLINE flooring is that the roll material is available with an integrated insulation mat. Moreover, our researchers have been able to eliminate the petrochemical polyols in polyurethane and replace them with bio based polyols made from castor oils and canola - hence adding to the ecological factor that is unique to PURLINE Flooring. Without a hint of solvents, chlorine or plasticisers - the result is an almost emission-free and odour-neutral material that is apt for usage in sensitive areas.

Product Features:

● Tried, tested and high quality.

● Recipient of several awards

● Fully economical and durable

● Ideal for clicking and gluing.

● Safe and ecological; devoid of solvents, plasticisers and chlorine.

● Ingredients consist of natural materials like canola oil, castor oil and chalk.

Being a non porous and hygienic material with an exceptionally wear resistant surface as well as minimal maintenance requirements: PURLINE Flooring is truly your ideal flooring option. Moreover, the requirements for things like stripping, buffing and finishing waxing are also entirely eliminated. With a modern, creative and colorful design as well as exceptional ecological characteristics - PURLINE Flooring is truly a breath of fresh air amidst your other options. Choose PURLINE Flooring for your property and notice the difference for yourself!

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