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The Top 5 Questions Folks Ask Themselves Before Buying Carpet and Flooring Online

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You want to buy your next carpet or flooring project online because you see the massive savings you can make. But a voice in your head tells you "there has to be a catch".

We know what you're thinking...

You can see the huge potential financial savings but are worried about buying flooring online, correct?

• How do I know how much flooring I need?

• Will I actually get the flooring I ordered?

• Are the products backed up with manufacturer's warranties?

• If I buy from a local store and later encounter a problem, at least I can pop round and have a face to face discussion.

Are these the sort of questions the sensible voice in your head is muttering to you? We know… we've heard them all before from previous customers over the years, so let's reply to the top 5 questions we get asked.

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1. "How do I quantify how much material I need?"

We have a couple of options for you. If you are within striking distance of our illustrious warehouse, our estimator, a very, very wise man from the mountains (well, Eccles actually) could come out to you and measure for you. He has been known to travel as far as 50 miles from our Maidstone warehouse… true story!

If that's not feasible, scan and email your room plans to us and we'll do the rest. Still sound scary? You don't know how to draw out a sensible room plan? Read all about it here! or call us on 01622 790 356 and we will guide you through what is honestly a very straight forward process.

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2. "There must be a catch. How come you are considerably cheaper than the High Street?"

Couple of reasons, really. Like the no frills budget airlines, we strip all the layers of service out the supply chain. It's likely you will need to do a little running around (may be you have to send us plans, or we help you search for a fitter or perhaps you may have to stay in for a bit to receive your delivery) but we think, and so do so many other consumers, that the enormous savings outweigh your time cost.

Another reason for being considerably cheaper than the High Street is down to our Head Honcho Flooring Guru. He's very old. He's been around the block many, many times. He personally knows all the big-wigs in all of Europe's major factories. It's taken this poor old chap over 30 years to develop such a close trading relationship. He has very high standards when working with our suppliers. He personally ensures they are paid on time, that we are an easy to trade with customer and understands that we are in a long term partnership and as such we want to behave professionally and responsibly. As a result, all of Europe's major manufacturers like and want to trade with Flooring Megastore.

Third and last main reason for us being way, way cheaper than the High Street is we have a big(gish… we'd like it to be bigger though!!) sized warehouse. We can buy in bulk. Your typical independent retailer would struggle to swing the proverbial cat around in their shop. We love cats, this is purely a metaphorical example.

End result? We buy competitively and we do not look to work on the same high margins that retailers have done for the many, many years before the internet came along. Hoorah for the free market. Hoorah for the Competitions Market Authority who keep a watchful eye on dubious practises like cartels and price fixing and boooo to Alternative Flooring and a few others, like Headlam plc's Gaskell Wool Rich Carpets for trying to prevent us from selling online. Karma will one day bite you firmly on the bottom, folks!

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3. "You're so much cheaper, I don't suppose I get any warranties from you?"

Wrong! All our products come directly from the manufacturers and ALL are backed up by the manufacturers warranties. No catch, no small print, just the same as you would expect from any High Street retailer.

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4. "I don't know any floor layers. If I buy from you can you recommend any?"

Yes siree! We have a bank of nationwide installers at the ready, so if you make your purchase through us we can orchestrate the whole process for you.

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5. "Buying from the High Street reassures me. I can pop round if I have an issue. How do I know I can trust Flooring Megastore?"

This one is our favourite question. We've heard this one so, so, so many times. You've been to your local store. Could be an independent, could be a national multi-chain. You've had a lovely chat with the salesperson and you close by saying "Let me go home and have a think on it but I do really like it. Just need to convince my partner". You go home and do a little research to seek out alternative products and you begin to realise this lovely salesperson is lifting the shirt off your back.

Several days pass and the lovely salesperson calls you to follow up your enquiry. You say something like "When I told my partner how much you wanted to charge they were shocked and found something similar/or the same from Flooring Megastore (other online retailers available)". The lovely salesperson then switches tact. Not having been classically trained in the art of sales, they pour scorn on their competitor (that's us) and retort with "Oof! You want to look out. Everyone knows online retailers just cut and run the first whiff of trouble. You get a problem and they won't help you and when that time comes, don't you dare come running to me because I'll say to thee "I TOLD YOU SO!""

Why not now check our reviews on Trustpilot. We score 9.3/10. Next, check to see if your High Street retailer has any reviews there. ScS score 9.2/10; Carpetight score 8.9/10 & United Carpets score 8.9/10

Now, follow our "What to do next" guide:

1. High Street retailer is also on Trustpilot.

- Was their score lower than ours? We're so confident it was we sportsman bet you. Next, challenge the retailer and ask how come they are lower than Flooring Megastore?

2. High Street retailer is not on Trustpilot.

- Challenge the retailer and ask how come they are not on Trustpilot? What do they have to hide and do they realise Flooring Megastore score 9.3/10?

So you see, that voice of doubt in your head needs a good talking to and needs to sit on the naughty step for 15 minutes and have a good think about the advice they give you.

Flooring Megastore… we're the Flooring Gurus!

*All Trustpilot scores correct at time of writing, December 2018,