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Showroom makeover daily journal #6

Captain's Log; star date Thursday 4th August

There's not an awful lot we can say about today's progress because a picture really does paint a 1,000 words.  Quite simply, today was all about getting plastered… no, not that… smooth walls.  Look at them!  Monumental transformation from block walls to smoothness, innit.

Over look that hanging strip light (Joe… what's that all about?) and compare to yesterday's blog and you'll see the difference.  Yes, it still looks like a building site but strewth Sheelagh… she's a beaut!

And now for something completely different:

Marli, still keen to photobomb and show the world his natural flair for acting, really turns up the heat.  We simply said to him… "Show some anger, Marli!".  The below image of him doesn't do his acting justice.  He just kept gurning his bad breath at us through his ivories and then, as fast as he switched the anger on, we said "where's yeh toy, Marli?" and he ran off to retrieve in typical playful stylee, forgetting his was still meant to be angry.

Tomorrow, Marli will show the correct posture when touch typing a keyboard at a work station.  He's always been proactive when it comes to being in balance with oneself and nature.  He's always hugging trees when scent marking…