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UK wide lack of carpet.  Why is that?

With so much retail closure doom and gloom in the news because of COVID-19, you'd be forgiven if you were to disbelieve what we are about to say, which is, Cormar Carpets are struggling keeping up with demand… #TrueStory.

Before committing to a Cormar carpet, whether with us or any other retailer for that matter, we strongly recommend checking stock availability. Currently, whether from their Apollo, Primo or Sensation collections, Cormar Carpets are stating there is no free stock until January 2021.


Nothing to do with Brexit. It's about yarn and not being able to get it quick enough. Shall we elaborate? Going into Lockdown March 2020, every single European manufacturer was in check for finished stock (what's needed for immediate despatch) as well as yarn (what's needed to produce new stock). Coming out of Lockdown, the home interiors world experienced staggering demand. Droves of you were deciding to improve your homes, as well as the housing market seeing a spike in demand not seen in the last 13 or so years.

So what?

Most carpet manufacturers forecast sales and order their raw materials based on their forecasts. Typically, carpet manufacturers will order their forecasts three months ahead of time. Makes sense, but as we came out of Lockdown v1 everyone in the flooring world was expecting trade to be below seasonal norms and if anything, were pulling their financial belt in. Again… makes sense.

But what happened next was so unexpected even George Soros did not predict it. World-wide, yarn orders to extruders went down, whilst at the same time, consumers were thinking "if I can't go on holiday and I'm going to have to spend more time in my home and I'm also on a mortgage holiday, I'm going to spruce my crib up" and so the people of the UK went berserk and ordered flooring (and other homeware stuff) like never before.

The upshot?

No yarn was ordered, consumer demand went through the roof, yarn supplies lying idle European wide in factories were rapidly gobbled up in desparate production, planners forecasted how much they now need, put their orders in, demanding "hey Emir, Zeynep… we need your yarn right now, not three months time". But all carpet manufacturers were making exact demands and poor Zeynep and Emir just couldn't respond quick enough. End result… nothing! No yarn available for weeks, all the while demand from the consumer soared, meaning a never seen before lag from placing an order to receiving it.

Normally, organised e-tailers like Flooring Megastore (that's us!!) receive Cormar Carpet stock within 3-5 days of placing an order. Right now (03-Dec-20), if we place an order with Cormar Carpets we know we won't see it until the New Year and Cormar Carpets cannot yet be any more specific than that.

Our Head Honcho Flooring Guru has been in the flooring world since 1987. Maggie Thatcher was PM, The Witches of Eastwick was a box office smash, George Michael released "Faith", Everton… yes, Everton won the League and Argentina were current Wold Champions after "that hand" from Maradona the year previous. His response to the current European wide carpet shortage is "I've never seen anything like this in my 33 year career".

Final thought

It just so happens that poor Cormar Carpets, normally the most rock steady of the rock steadiest are suffering lack of stock more than anyone else so please bear this in mind when making your flooring decisions in December 2020.