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Discover the unsavoury truth behind V4 Woodflooring

V4 Woodflooring aren't as cute and cuddly as they would like to have you believe.

We've always been admirers of V4 Woodflooring's products and achievements. Despite our admiration, we are unable (actually, get this… they won't allow us) to sell their products online and we need to explain why.

V4 Woodflooring import their products from predominantly China but also North America and Europe. Their route to market is via independent flooring retail outlets, throughout the UK. You can find a list of their retailers on their site.

We started to sell their products, online, early 2014. They didn't like this very much because some of their greedy High Street retailers started to rant at them because our fair and reasonable pricing structure embarrassed these greedy retailers. V4 Woodflooring then threatened us with legal action and suspended our account until we removed their V4 Woodflooring's branding. Why? Because they want to protect their independent retailers. Why? Well, High Street flooring retailer's mark up is astronomical; you'd be staggered just how much they make.

We were always a good customer to V4 Woodflooring. We gave them regular, volume business and always paid them on time. However, the voice of the hundreds of nationwide retailers was stronger than our single voice. The last thing the average greedy High Street retailer wants is competition that rocks the boat with awkward situations that show how much more expensive it is to buy V4 Woodflooring from the High Street.

V4 Woodflooring, to maintain the status quo with their over-charging independent retailers, threatened us several more times with legal action and suspended our account several more times. They came up with all sorts of bonkers issues, moving the goal posts from here to there, making the playing field uneven and not once trying to work with us. We felt really unloved. Over many months, we refined their collection on our site always trying to comply with their discriminatory demands. We're sad to say that despite our positivity in offering ideas and ways to work together, V4 Woodflooring maintained their non negotiable stance. In fact, we even suggested meeting up for a causal chat but not once did they take the offer up. Mean, eh? Felt just like being dumped for the first time at secondary school. It was their way or no way - remove all wording that relates to V4 Woodflooring products - and yet they continued to allow other e-commerce sites to display their intellectual property and products. They were two timing us all along… swines! In fact, run a Google search right now on "V4 A112" and see how many other sites are allowed to use V4 Woodflooring's intellectual property; something in the early stages they said we were not allowed to do, so we stopped using it whilst V4 Woodflooring allowed others to continue doing so.

Of course, we find all this very sad. Folks tell us to not take it personally, but we give Flooring Megastore our heart and soul, so yes, we do take it personally. Looking at all this from a positive aspect we see their threatening position to us as a compliment. We did such a good job, professionally marketing their products, that it really rattled the average greedy High Street retailers who collectively give V4 Woodflooring the lion's share of their business. We like their products and rate them as good value for money but by the time the average greedy High Street retailers add their 100%+ mark up, V4 Woodflooring becomes pricey. The trouble is, V4 Woodflooring need these retailers otherwise they believe they have no business and therefore don't like or want customers, like us, selling their products for a fair and reasonable rate. Phew-ee, bet you didn't have a clue how much of this mafioso style shenanigans go on in the flooring trade!

We got to a position, in December 2015, where they once again suspended our account and stopped supplying materials to us. We had done absolutely everything they had asked of us and yes, our payments were up to date (as always). This time, they wanted us to take everything offline. We saw this as indirect price fixing stance from V4 Woodflooring.

In all our years in the trade, as a reputable business, low maintenance, paying on time every time, we have never fallen out with a supplier. What this means folks, is, V4 Woodflooring sell a good product but you are paying WAY too much for it. Come to us and we will find you an alternative product that will save you around 25% and when the average order for a consumer on wooden flooring is £1,500, that equates to £375. Can you really afford to buy V4 Woodflooring products but just as importantly, morally, do you want to support such a business practice as V4 Woodflooring's by buying their products from the average greedy High Street retailer?

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