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Cormar Carpets Home Counties gets a re-vamp

A proven favourite with the UK, Cormar Carpets Home Counties (an 80/20 wool twist available in to weights - 42oz per square yard & 50oz per square yard) had been around for a number of years and the colour bank was beginning to reflect that, looking a little tired.  Well, no longer.  Those ingenious Lancastrian carpet tufters, knowing they've produced a winner, decided to recolour the collection AND actually widen the choice.

Home Counties retains the two weight options of 42 & 50 oz per square yard, along with the two width choice of 4.00 & 5.00 metre but Cormar Carpets decided to divide the range into plain and heather colours.  Our Head Honcho Flooring Guru has been around the carpet block many times now and sees this as a smart move.  The Nation's choice is extraordinarily varied and to make the consumer's decision easier this clear divide between the finsihed look of the carpet immediately cuts out looking at samples a customer knows they wouldn't be interested in.

Made from the same carpet yarn construction as previous, Home Counties is made from 80% pure new wool (not recycled wool, therefore giving the carpet a much cleaner & crisp look), 10% polypropylene & here's the important part - 10% Tuftbond.  In simple terms, Tuftbond is used to coat the yarn, giving it added strength.  This means Home Counties has been highly engineered to keep it's appearance for much longer than it's contempories.  Home Counties has been constructed using what's known as 1/10th gauge.  Lesser quality carpets are made using 1/8th gauge.  1/10th gauge means there are 10 tufts per inch; 1/8th gauge has 8 tufts per inch ..... which would you prefer?  The difference is stark - you don't have to be a Flooring Guru to see the difference in the cleaner, finer defined look of a 1/10th gauge carpet.

Home Counties Plains receives 19 brand new colours.  Interestingly, there's a heavy influence of grey hues - 6 in fact.  As you'd expect, there are plenty of natural beiges, 2 greens, 1 red but no blues .....  Home Counties Heathers see 15 colours.  Heathers also sees 6 grey shades, 1 pale green with the balance being made from the ever popular natural hints of beige.   To achieve the crsip, plain look, Cormar Carpets have opted for New Zealand wool. Our Head Honcho Flooring Guru sees that as a distinct advantage as New Zealand wool has worldwide reputation for the cleanest of wools.  Cormar Carpets have opted for pure new British wool for their Heathers collection.

What makes a wool twist different from a man made one?  Well, our Head Honcho Flooring Guru has already covered this, click here, but in a nutshell, wool twist is a better long term investment.  Wool yarn feels warmer & cosier underfoot.  It retains it's appearance FAR longer than man made carpets and here's a fact most folks don't know ... wool is naturally fire retardant.  Where this could help you is if someone leaves an iron on the carpet for a few seconds.  A wool carpet will cope but a man made one will melt immediately.  Whilst we're on the subject, why do people iron on the carpet?  Get a blinkin' ironing board!  This is what they look like.  Lastly, wool is a sustainable product whereas man made carpets are all oil derivatives so help the environment and buy a wool carpet!