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Cormar Carpets become even better value


Around a month or so ago, Cormar Carpets decided to introduce six new colours to the Sensation collection.  Previous to the current re-vamp, Sensation had been around for about 18 months and the moment Cormar Carpets released Sensation to the unsuspecting British public it became an immediate success.  Why?  A combination of a deep, chunky, luxurious pile, on the money colours that would look great in any contemporary interior and that vital ingredient … value for money.  Sensation is not the cheapest carpet in the market place but 1,000s of square metres are sold each month because of the overall package the buying public enjoys.

Sensation offers a 10 year stain resistant warranty backed by Comar Carpets, heavy domestic wear suitable for everywhere in your home, is bleach cleanable (yes, bleach cleanable!) and has non fading colours.

What we really want to shout about, though, is that our Head Honcho Flooring Guru loves and trusts Sensation so much, he committed us to stocking it.  "So what!" we hear you cry.  Well, it means we can now offer Sensation, one of the UK's top selling carpets, even cheaper to you.  Yep, we've now permanently dropped our price so spread the word and take full advantage. 

Sensation is available in two weights; New Feeling (45oz) with prices starting from £11.52 inc VAT and Original (58oz) with prices starting from £13.36 per square metre inc VAT.

Primo Excellence

Brand new to the carpet market, Primo Excellence makes a subtle statement.  At first glance, the uninitiated would understandably think this is just a normal carpet, nothing remarkable.  Our Head Honcho Flooring Guru takes over the reigns to explain what makes Primo Excellence a thoroughbred in the man-made twist arena.  "It's all in the yarn.  Right now, the better European manufacturers are pioneering a softer feeling, matt looking polypropylene carpet yarn.  Polypropylene is a consumer favourite because of it's better value for money and stubborness to fading, compared to any other fibre.  However, polypropylene has always felt rougher than wool, finding it impossible to compete with the natural cosyness that wool offers.  But, a-ha … Cormar Carpets, along with the more pioneering manufacturers are narrowing that cosyness gap on wool.  Primo Excellence can offer all those wonderfull benefits you get from polypropylene but now, with the new generation of polypropylene yarn, Primo Excellence feels way, way softer than your average polypropylene carpet AND it has a more pleasing matt finish compared to the shiny finish cheaper polypropylene carpets tend to have.  Who wants a shiny carpet?  Not I, sir!" … and with that abrupt ending, The Head Honcho Flooring Guru was off for his mid morning 30 minute ice bath to concentrate his mind.

Primo Excellence offers you a Cormar Carpets backed 10 year stain resistant warranty, two luxurious quality weights both of which receive the coverted heavy domestic wear classification, bleach cleanability, a new generation of super soft feel man made yarn, non-fading colours, 2 ply yarn (added strength and therefore greater appearance retention) and it's made in the UK … hoorah!

Primo Excellence is available in two weights; Super (42oz) with prices starting from £10.80 per square metre inc VAT and Elite (53oz) with prices starting from £12.40 per square metre inc VAT.

Apollo Plus

You know you sometimes stumble across something and think to yourself "that's too good to be true"?  You question yourself, wondering "have a grasped this correctly?  There must be something wrong."  Well, Cormar Carpets Apollo Plus falls into exactly that category.

Most carpets of a similar specification would retail around £12.50 per square metre including VAT.  We can supply Apollo Plus from as little as £7.87 per square metre including VAT.  So if you're working on a tight budget and are looking for a carpet that can provide a good, healthy long life, with a wholesome 15 fashionable, modern colours all wrapped up in an affordable price package then Apollo Plus needs serious consideration.

Why do we rate Apollo Plus so much?  Well, it's made by a mighty fine, reputable UK manufacturer - Cormer Carpets (they're from Bury, Lancashire).  We have a strong relationship with Cormar Carpets which means you have complete piece of mind, able to buy with confidence, knowing there is an infrastructure in place to handle concerns any customer may have.  For a budget carpet, Apollo Plus has an unusually long 10 year stain resistant warranty in place, contains super trendy, up to the minute colours spanning plain and tonal affects (all non fading!) and is bleach cleanable.

Apollo Plus' prices start from £7.39 per square metre inc VAT - bonkers mental, eh?