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What makes Amtico great?

Amtico | Why All The Fuss?

Ask 100 consumers if they can name a flooring manufacturer or brand and whilst we accept that most will struggle to think of any, of those whom can, quite a number will likely mention Amtico.

Compared to most other flooring options, Amtico is an expensive, man made product replicating nature's creations, yet the UK and beyond loves Amtico… and so do we. How come?

What Is Amtico?

A luxury vinyl tile, aka LVT. Actually, make that LVT design flooring! Amtico are one of the very, very few manufacturers able to produce a multitude of designs, styles, borders and motifs. What this translates to is the ability to create your very own, bespoke, designer flooring. But you don't have to get all creative if decision fatigue is biting, you can use all their stock designs to create traditional wood plank, stone or ceramic floors.

You love the thought of a real wooden flooring but you didn't realise that to keep your wooden flooring in top condition you have a stick to a rigid floor maintenance programme which could end up meaning a sanding and re-sealing exercise when… not if… the floor has become heavily scratched or indented. Who needs all that hassle in today's bustling world? You don't get this challenge with Amtico.

You love the thought of real stone in your kitchen and hallway. Feels great during the occasional heatwave as your family are watching the World Cup, spilling drinks over the floor. But you forgot that during our typical autumns and winters (that's at least 50% of your year, cherubs), the stone floor makes the areas feel ten times colder. Not such a good idea, after all… eh! Amtico works beautifully with underfloor heating and being an inert product, it naturally feels warmer to touch in the cooler times and reassuringly cool in the warmer months.

Ceramics, what about ceramics! All sorts of lovely, trendy things available at the moment, well, if you look hard enough there are. Ever lived with ceramics before? Ever dropped a pointy, heavy object on a ceramic floor? Guess what happens. D'oh! What about those lovely, clean, bright grout lines. Ever seen what happens to them after a few years of normal family footfall? You don't get these challenges with Amtico.

Okay, I'm In. Inspire Me!

Timeless - #FlooringEnvy

Left: Signature Basilica Salt and Basilica Shell in Arrow laying pattern.
Centre: Spacia Honey Oak in herringbone plank laying pattern.
Right: Signature Decor Corona Mono.

Traditional - #FlooringStatement

Left: Form Drift Oak in stripwood laying pattern.
Centre: Form Mineral in broken bond laying pattern with concrete pale stripping.
Right: Spacia Hampton Oak in stripwood laying pattern.

Trendy - #FlooringCouture

Left: Signature Brushed Oak in French Weave laying pattern.
Centre: Signature Wharf Oak in stripwood laying with Basilica Salt, Basilica Shell and Kura Caraway in Muralist feature floor.
Right: Signature Decor Geo Ecru.

Laying Patterns & Borders

Why Choose Amtico LVT?

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