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Discovery the unsavoury truth about Alternative Flooring

Why are Alternative Flooring’s prices so high?

Well, they are controlling the market price by restricting who they allow to sell their products and by how much. We actually have first hand experience of their darker, unpleasant business side. Do not be fooled by their charming social media posts… they’re a pretty sinister bunch and looking to extract as much of your hard earned money as they can.

Genuine fans of their products, Flooring Megastore first begun selling a few Alternative Flooring products on-line around the beginning of January 2015. Since then we have received several legally worded and threatening letters from them. Incredible, eh?

It’s all about us selling their products cheaper on-line compared to the average greedy High Street retailer. Alternative Flooring see us as a disruptor, unsettling the market price. Of course, there is nothing illegal or underhand selling any product cheaper than the High Street; just take Amazon as an example. We purely strip out the many layers of service and supply and are able to therefore offer flooring considerably cheaper than retailers. Alternative Flooring are not legally able to state or control market prices but with their retail customers enjoying obscenely high profit margins selling their products, it is in Alternative Flooring’s benefit to support the hundreds of nationwide retailers ahead of little old, singular, us.

Despite our positive efforts to appease, meet up and resolve the unclear demands Alternative Flooring were placing on us, Alternative Flooring said they would no longer supply their products to us… purely because we were selling their products on-line cheaper than their products could be bought on the High Street. That’s indirect price fixing, folks!

We were subject to a number of unprofessional comments from Alternative Flooring during this period but the worst comment we were subjected to by far was when their Area Sales Manager said on the 'phone to one of our co-owners "you don’t pay my wages, I’ll do as my bosses tell me" when explaining why he didn’t telephone us on a previously agreed date by him. It transpired the Alternative Flooring hierarchy had decided to cease supplying us and told their Salesman to no longer communicate with us. It really is incredible, isn’t it? Unprofessional and revealing a side to Alternative Flooring that no-one could possibly respect.

What you see today is less and less of their products available on-line. Alternative Flooring are controlling the market and making you pay way above the odds. They make super carpets, with trendy designs and we love their work BUT do you really want to support an importer/manufacturer like Alternative Flooring who are controlling the market and ultimately restricting the consumers choice of where to buy, thereby reducing competition and making you pay more for their products than a free market would produce?

Don’t support Alternative Flooring; you’ll just make this situation worse. Contact us and we’ll be able to offer you alternative (no pun intended) products from the likes of Kersaint CobbBrockwayEdel Telenzo, Crucial Trading and Louis de Poortere.