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Knee pads skater style

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Knee Pads | Skater Style

Product code: Knee Pads Skater

from £31.50 each (inc. VAT)

Knee Pads Skater Style

We think knee pads saved the world! Ever thought about how floor layers cope, crawling around all day on their knees? Poor things . . . poor . . . poor things. How do they do it? Knee pads - that's how!

You may be amazed at just how many types there are available but our Knee Pad Buying Director has scoured the four corners of the world (but Christopher Columbus confirmed the world was round, didn't he?) and believes she's whittled the selection down to two. These offer supreme cushioning and tend to last longer, particularly if you're crawling on resilient flooring a lot.

Water on the knee? Not with these bad boys! In fact, we think you'll be so proud of these new additions to your attire you'll be wearing them all the time. If Michael Jackson got away with wearing one white glove, why can't you get away with going out wearing knee pads? Remember - you are a Tiger! Gaarrrrrr

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