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iSense Carpet - Delight by Flooring Megastore

Product code: Delight (Flooring Megastore)

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iSense Carpet - Delight by Flooring Megastore

  • Made from 100% iSense (polyamide, aka nylon).
  • Total thickness 17.5mm.
  • 20 year wear guarantee.
  • Pile weight: 1,200 grammes/m², 35 oz/yd².
  • TOG value 1.45.
  • Wonderful soft feel created from one of the best performing carpet fibres - polyamide.
  • Despite the super soft feel, Delight has better appearance retention compared to carpets made from polypropylene.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Delight suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.

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Extended Description

What style of carpet is Delight?

A rare one this, Delight is classed as a Frisé carpet.  Similar to Saxony carpets but the difference between the two is Frisé yarn is more tightly twisted.  Frisé carpets generally offer a longer than average length of tuft and are likely to show foot and vacuuming "prints".  Some folks don't like the look of a visible swirl once the vacuum cleaner's been run over the carpet but us Flooring Gurus love the phenomena ... it shows you've just hoovered ... nice clean carpet!

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