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​Why Wool Carpet? The benefits of choosing British Wool Carpet


When it comes to wool and British will in particular, the world seems to be going through a gradual renaissance. All around the world, the benefits of wool and wool carpets are being acknowledged and experienced. More and more shoppers, retailers and designers are reclaiming the art of wool and wool carpets. And we couldn't be more thrilled! British wool happens to be superior to all your other wool options. All the way from its ecological credentials to its aesthetics - British wool just does it better. In this article, we break down the reasons why British wool is most suited for usage:

Eco Friendly
British Wool happens to be amongst the more eco friendly fibres available in the market. It has almost negligible environmental impact all throughout the process of production and is also 100% renewable. Moreover, it is also exceptionally durable.
This eco-friendly process ensures that not only are the products of the finest quality but also possess a minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, many of the companies manufacturing British wool do support their local businesses and hence are able to maintain an ethical sourcing for their products.

Anti Allergy
British wool carpets make sure to cleanse the air and remove the impure content. In fact, it can even remove nasty organic chemicals like the ones found in glue, hairspray, paint and nail polish - as well as being able to remove formaldehyde. It also happens to be antibacterial! Just the ideal choice to cover your floors. British wool is also exceptionally easy to take care of and maintain. As a natural fibre with a resistance to soiling - most household spillages on a wool carpet can be easily handled with paper towels. One more unique feature of British Wool is that it is actually capable of inhibiting and even extinguishing fires! Don't worry, we're not just mindlessly exaggerating. This is made possible due to the wool’s flame-retardant properties as well as the fact that is does not melt like synthetic fibres. Need we say more? British wool is your healthiest and safest option!

If you really think about it, there's a reason why sheep are comfortably hanging out in blustery field throughout the day! When it comes to British Wool - one factor stands at the forefront of all others: the warmth and comfort! This wool is invitingly warm, soft and cosy. What's more, British Wool is a natural humidistat and also highly absorbent. It has the capability to remove excess moisture from the air - hence making it pretty much in control of the humidity of the room it is in. Moreover, it also absorbs the heat in the room and tends to release it gradually. This will make it perfectly comfortable to use in the winter. Perfect for all seasons! On a more scientific note, wool also happens to be natural insulator. This makes it sound proof and allows it to absorb sound from the room - making it all the more comfortable and cosy.

The Aesthetic.
While British Wool does happen to possess a range of beneficial properties and characteristics, this should not overlook the simple fact that wool is absolutely gorgeous. It has a richness in texture and color that is unmatched from any other natural or synthetic fibre. British wool carpets come in a wide array of stunning and modern designs, and are often in sync with the ongoing trends of the house interior. All the way from the boldest colors to the most sombre and subtle ones - British Wool Carpets have it all. Combine all of this with an attention to detail- and British wool carpets become a worthy Investment for you, your health, your house and for the environment! 

Manufacturers that use British Wool:

Brockway Carpets

Cavalier Carpets

Kersaint Cobb

These are a few manufacturers who use British Wool in their products.  Take a look through and we've listed in the description whether they use it.  If you have any questions make sure you contact us by using our contact form - click here.