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What is engineered wood flooring?

Many real estate agents and home design experts will tell you that hardwood flooring is the way to go for some areas of your home. It’s strong, long lasting, and has a great aesthetic appeal. What you might not know is that there are many different types of wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is a great option for those looking for the same aesthetic appeal as wood flooring, but need a greater stability and tolerance to expansion caused by temperature changes and under floor heating. So what exactly is engineered wood?

Engineered wood derives its name from the man-made process and materials used when manufacturing this type of flooring. Whilst there are some components of the plank that maintain their natural look, the composition of the plank has been amended to give greater benefit to users.

Layers of Wood 

As the name suggests, solid wood floors are made of one piece of wood cut into planks that are treated and finished, whilst engineered wood flooring is made of several layers of ply with a solid wood veneer. These ply layers bind together to make a hardened final product that offers several benefits to those who require improved performance from their wood floors.

The top layer, referred to as the veneer, is a solid wood finish giving an identical appearance to solid wood along with the ergonomic benefits associated with this material.

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solid wood vs engineered wood

What are the benefits of engineered wood flooring?

Why would you choose engineered wood over solid hardwood? Both types of flooring have their benefits and disadvantages and are great for different reasons, but here are seven reasons why you may be swayed towards installing engineered wood flooring in your home.

1. Higher tolerance to heat changes

As mentioned, the main benefit of engineered wood over its solid wood equivalent is the extra resilience to heat changes and the improved stability this offers. The multi layers make this type of flooring far more stable than solid wood flooring and therefore, far less likely to experience excessive expansion and contraction. If you’ve been searching for wood floor that can stand up to dampness and the heat of your household radiant heating systems – you’ve found it!

2. Perfect for underfloor heating

One of the biggest downsides to any kind of wooden flooring is it can feel colder than other flooring coverings. Carpet has always been king when it comes to a cosy floor, but ifyou want to walk around your home in bare feet in the winter without the inevitable cold floor, than engineered wood coupled with underfloor heating is a winning combination. Engineered wood can safely be coupled with underfloor heating to warm your house from the ground up, making your new wood flooring lovely to walk on and making your home feel all the more cosy during the colder months. 

3. Pricing

As only the top layer of engineered hardwood flooring is made from solid wood, this is a more cost effective solution for flooring with the same aesthetic benefit as solid wood – perfect if you want the wood look, but require a more cost effective solution.

4. Striking aesthetic

The amazing solid wood finish compliments a range of different decors and looks. It works well for a traditional look, a minimalist modern decor and many more common interior design styles. Since engineered wood has a solid wood veneer layer, the aesthetic appeal will last just as long as its solid wood counterpart.

5. More environmentally friendly

If your conscious of the impact on the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, engineered is your winner. This is because the trees used to create the extra layers to construct the plank grow faster than that of solid hardwoods; so new trees can be planted and replenished more frequently.

6. Easy to maintain

Engineered wood flooring will not need any complex maintenance, but it can be resurfaced if needed.

Worried about that inevitable glass of wine spillage at your house warming party? Engineered wood flooring allows you to recover spillages more quickly, reducing the chance of leaving a stain compared to soft floor coverings, such as carpet. We suggest, with all stains no matter what the floor covering, that you react immediately to remove the spillage. The quicker the recovery, the less likely a stain will form.

With that said, general maintenance requires little effort compared to other types of flooring, making your interior look immaculate and maintaining the great aesthetic appeal.

7. Amazing life span

If you choose to fit engineered wood flooring for your property you’ll find that with the correct care and maintenance, your floor will last for many years. This is because this type of flooring is built for stability and longevity against regular strains and stresses of domestic life.

8. What are the drawbacks?

All types of flooring have their drawbacks and engineered flooring is no different. Be careful of the quality of the engineered wood flooring you’re buying as not all planks are created equally! Some manufacturers may use a lower standard of material when constructing the planks. Veneers can often be too thin and poorly made which can compromise the stability of your floor…

…Our solution to this problem?

Speak to our Flooring Gurus here at Flooring Megastore to advise you on the perfect wood solution for your home or office. We stock high quality products from leading manufactures, ensuring that quality is guaranteed.

Buy engineered wood flooring

If you were ever considering moving in the future and wanted to add value to your home, this kind of flooring will do the trick. The benefits are no secret to real estate agents and house shoppers.

Engineered wood is everything you could ever want in flooring - great stability that reduces expansion and contraction and a long lasting floor which also boasts the same aesthetic appeal as solid wood flooring. Get in touch with us today on 01622 790 356 to talk through your options or come and meet us at our flooring showroom in Maidstone

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