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What does your flooring say about you?

Even on a subliminal level, your choice of flooring can say a lot about you. Soft carpet or practical vinyl? Luxurious or hardwearing? Find out what your floor choice says about your lifestyle here...


The entertainer

Laminate is notoriously hardwearing. This, combined with its easy maintenance, makes laminate ideal for those who enjoy entertaining at home. You're the host who says "Oh no worries" when a guest spills their drink in front of you - and you mean it! Red wine spills can be easily mopped up without fuss or embarrassment to your guests (no one likes to be that person) making parties a breeze.

What's more, with durable finishes on laminates, you have no fear of high heels scratching your lovely flooring. Super savvy, you took advantage of installing noise reducing underlay, meaning your neighbours love you too.

Comfortable, stain free carpet

The busy family

Your hardwearing yet stylish carpet is a dead giveaway to your busy family life. Even if the toys strewn about weren't a clue, your smart choice of texture retention fabric certainly is. Carpet was the obvious choice for you and your family. Whilst laminate or vinyl might have offered simpler cleaning, the stain resistant nature of your carpet means you can rest easy. You know that its durable stain-free coating makes it ideal for occasional accidents of any nature, allowing effortless clean up.

The softer choice, your carpet is a cosier alternative to vinyl; offering natural protection to your little ones from occasional bumps and falls. Ideal for sitting on and for floor play, it's warmer and softer, providing much needed sound absorption too!

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles (LVT)

The animal lover

The smooth, wipe-clean surface of your Luxury Vinyl Tiles prove that life with a pet needn't mean more housework. Puppy training was a breeze for you, thanks to the stain-resistant, wipe-clean nature of this versatile flooring. Plus you didn't need to fork out on an expensive pet-hair vacuum cleaner, as a daily sweep of the floor does the trick - no dust gets harboured on this smooth surface, thank you very much!

You never have to worry about dents or scratches and the cushioned finish even softens the clattering of your pooch or kitty's nails.


The house proud

Your house is an allergy-free haven thanks to your great choice in flooring and vigorous cleaning regime!

You're very proud of your shining hardwood floors and even though they need minimum maintenance you enjoy keeping them in tip-top condition and full of gloss. A keen housekeeper, you like everything 'just so' and your shining wood floors are a testament to this.

Minimalist, the few rugs you own don't detract visitors from seeing the full glory of your beautiful oak or walnut floors, and what's more they're washable, meaning no build-up of dirt and dust mites.