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Parquet flooring costs

Parquet flooring product types

Your heart is set on the wonderful looking parquet flooring for your home but you’re undecided or confused on the type of floor to go for and the costs involved. There are three main choices - Engineered wood, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Laminate. We will guide you through the pros and cons for each type. Sit back, grab a coffee and learn all there is to know about parquet flooring.                                                                 

Engineered Wood Parquet

This is considered as the most traditional approach to a parquet floor. An engineered floor is made up of several layers. The main construction is the core which is made up of several layers of plywood. This gives the product it’s strength and stability whilst providing the majority of the thickness. The top of the product is known as the veneer and this is usually between 4mm - 6mm. The veneer gives the product it’s look. The options are huge! The main aspects to the wood are the species, grade of the grain, colour and the width.


- Gives you the most authentic look

- You can choose different finishes to create a bespoke look


- Expensive

- Not considered a DIY product

Laminate Parquet

Laminate choices are forever growing. We have seen over the last 6 months to a year a rise in manufacturers creating a parquet floor so now is a great time to jump on this trend. Laminate is made up from three main layers - High density fibreboard (HDF)/Medium density fibreboard (MDF) which gives the product its strength, decorative paper to give it the appearance of a wood product and lastly the top surface will protect it from nasty scratches and dents.


- Considered a DIY product

- Likely to be the most cost effective way to achieving a parquet floor


- Going to give you the least authentic look

- Would be harder to maintain in the long run

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Parquet:

Are you planning on staying at your property for years or are you interested in a product that gives you 15, 20, 25 or lifetime warranties? This is what you need. Luxury Vinyl Tile is extremely robust and is perfect for busy households with kids and pets. It’s waterproof too so you can have piece of mind if an accident were to occur. LVT is predominantly made up from a vinyl backing and core. It then has a print film layer which ultimately give you the chosen look and design of the product which is finished off by the wear layer on top. Like laminate, this is to protect it from scratches and dents.


- Authentic Designs and lots to choose from!

- The hardest wearing and very little maintenance.


- Requires most amount of subfloor preparation.

- Can be expensive, considering it’s not the real thing.

Parquet fitting cost

The cost for installing parquet floor depends on the subfloor condition and the product you have chosen. An ‘on the floor’ guide which includes the flooring, preparation products and fitting costs are:

Engineered Wood = £75.00 - £100.00 per square metre

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) = £55.00 - £100.00 per square metre

Laminate = £20.00 - £35.00 per square metre

Of course, these are not accurate as each job is different, however, It should give you an idea of the likely costs.

Depending on the level of the installer you’d be looking at £5-10 per metre for Laminate, £10-20 per metre for Engineered Wood and LVT. The fitting time will always vary depending on the size of the room and subfloor condition. An average sized dining room with a good subfloor would take a day to install with laminate and up to two days in both engineered wood or LVT.

Who makes parquet flooring?

There are so many choices when it comes to world of parquet floors - we believe there is a product out there which is suitable for any type of person. We’re here to help!

Engineered Wood = Kersaint Cobb & Company or Zig Zag by V4 Wood Flooring


Kersaint Cobb responsibly source European Oak and have it made in their High-Tec manufacturing plant, making them one of the best options for engineered wood flooring in the UK.

LVT = Form by Amtico or Harmony Parquet by Flooring Megastore


You may have already heard of the ‘Big LVT players’ in the market, Amtico and Karndean. Considered the best LVT manufacturers in the UK you won’t be disappointed with either. You’ll be paying a premium for their products but the choice, durability and warranties all play a part in the overall project. We’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a colour and laying pattern.

Laminate = 8mm Kingsize by Egger

If you are after value for money in a trendy parquet/chevron design look no further than the 8mm Kingsize. Made in continental Europe, this particular product is perfect for people on a budget or looking to redesign their property to sell on.

What should I do now?

Hopefully you’ve now got an idea on the type of flooring you’re after and the product. The most important now is to measure and get an understanding to the size of the project (we can help with floor plans so send them through our contact form and we can assist you with quantities). Once we have this information we can then work out total costings for the material. It’s worth letting us or the installers know the subfloor condition and type as this could have an impact on total costings.

Questions? You can use the contact form or send us an email on info@flooringmegastore.co.uk. Not matter how small or large the question is, let us know and we will be more than happy to help you achieve the wonderful parquet floor you’ve always wanted.  Why not take a look at our Parquet Flooring products.