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Luxury Vinyl Tile Costs. What’s Involved?

LVT Flooring Cost

The flooring system is an intrinsic part of the home. That being said, homeowners rarely invest in a sound and solid flooring not just to impress guests but to also provide the entire family with a comfortable and convenient living space. There are many different types of flooring homeowners can choose from, but Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVT for short has become one of the nations top favourites. It’s hard-wearing and perfect for every day busy households. With LVT, you can certainly bestow your home with natural-looking and beautiful flooring that makes your home more charming and inviting.

What’s LVT Flooring Anyway?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVT is a type of flooring that is made to last. This type is made up of multiple layers of PVC with printed design giving the timeless look and beauty of either ceramic tiles or wood flooring. The texture is smooth and comfortable on the feet along with a natural warmth to the plank/tile. It takes the room temperature and is not cold like real stone flooring.

amtico build of luxury vinyl tile showing the different layers of the product

Each LVT has the important ‘wear layer’ to the top of the product. The thicker this is, the harder wearing the product and the greater the warranties. On average, LVT’s carry a wear layer of between 0.3mm - 1mm.

How Much Does LVT Flooring Cost?

Your LVT flooring’s cost will mainly depend on the type purchased, labour, and materials needed for preparation. While some homeowners install the flooring by themselves, most of them hire experienced contractors to do the job efficiently and quickly. So when coming up with the cost of LVT installation, you need to consider both. The average cost of Luxury Vinyl Tiles is £30m².

As compared to regular vinyl floors, LVT is more expensive but, this tends to remain cheaper than traditional stone or wood flooring.

Getting Into The Specifics

The cost of LVT flooring, as also mentioned, mainly depends on the product purchased but they usually sit between £15.00 - £60m². Preparation is key! The cost for screeds, adhesive and plywood/chipboard can be anywhere between £5m² - £20m² depending on the condition of the subfloor.

When computing for the LVT cost, you have the labour cost, which also needs to be taken into account. The cost of labour will depend on laying pattern, and this can vary between £15.00 - £20m² with roughly £5m² on top for the screeding.

Confused? Well, in total you are looking at a price per square metre between £40m² for the low-end product up to £100m² at the top end including all preparation materials and fitting costs.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are great for busy households with young children, the maintenance is low with general vacuuming and occasional mopping. You should certainly consider LVT flooring for your next floor.

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