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Kids’ bedroom carpets: Your best options

When the time comes to renovate your young son or daughter’s bedroom, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. Paint or wallpaper? What furniture is best? Which colours do you go for? It’s good to have the tiny inhabitant’s input to an extent, but their likes and dislikes will inevitably change in the coming years, and they’re hardly going to think about the financial logistics. This one’s on you, then.

Flooring is another concern. It’s alright having natural wood in your lounge, and luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) in your kitchen, but these aren’t too well suited to a kid’s bedroom. In this situation, your best bet is definitely carpet. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from. Before we look at some of your options, though, here’s some advice to help you decide.

Be cost effective

If there was ever a time to work to a budget, this is it.

Whatever carpet you fit in your child’s bedroom, it’s going to take a battering – a constant stream of heavy foot traffic, regular bursts of energy and the odd spillage will all take their toll. This is why it’s not worth spending big bucks on the best flooring money can buy - you’ll only end up replacing it in a few years.

Forget investing for the long-term, then, and think about what matters now. Go for something that’ll make the room a happy and fun place for your little one to spend their time; it should be funky and on-trend. As long as it’ll do a job for the next few years and doesn’t cost a bomb, all should be good.

With this in mind, Regency Carpets offer some fantastic examples that could fit the bill perfectly. Expect bright colours, low prices and easy maintenance. Perfect!

kids finger painting

Make sure it’s soft

You’ll probably have noticed already, but kids have a lot of energy – and they’re constantly looking for ways to get rid of it. Whether it’s playing games with friends or simply running in circles, they’re always on the move. Unfortunately, they fall down from time to time, and they’re not particularly bouncy, so it can hurt.

This is one of the reasons harder flooring types, like wood and LVT, are a bad idea. Instead, go for a soft carpet that’ll be a bit more forgiving on your little loved one’s knees and elbows.

You’ll find the cushioning will also be welcomed by dropped toys and other items; fewer breakages means happier kids and no need to spend on replacements. Everyone’s a winner! All that’s not even mentioning the sound-deadening benefits.

Keep materials in mind


Not all carpets are made equal. You’ll find from a quick glance at what is on offer that there are various materials and textures to consider. Some, for example, will be made of wool, while others use synthetic materials like nylon. It’s important at this point to know if your child has any allergies. Wool is known to trap allergens, whereas nylon is more likely to repel them. Seeing as the latter tends also to be cheaper, it seems like a no-brainer if you do think there could be issues.

Associated Weavers and Cormar Carpets make some fantastic polypropylene carpets, some of which meet the kids’ bedroom criteria perfectly; cheap, colourful and stain-resistant!

Some inspiration

All of that considered, here are a few of our top picks:

Disco by Regency Carpets – Carpets don’t come much funkier than Regency’s Disco. Available in eight colours (including bright pink, purple, red and blue) it’s ideal for brightening up an otherwise plain room. The silver glistening fibres give it plenty of sparkle, too – perfect for keeping a smile on your little one’s face. The low, low price is the cherry on top.

Prisma by Regency Carpets – This one, while not quite as bright, is available in 12 different colours – all of which are ready to complement the chosen theme of your child’s bedtime habitat. It won’t last forever, but at this price, you can afford to update it whenever you want!

Home Twist by Associated Weavers – It might be an entry level carpet with the prices to match, but Home Twist is 100% bleach cleanable and comes with a ten-year Stain and Wear Warranty; so it’s ready to stand up to what your kids have to throw at it. Available in purple, green and blue – as well as some more subtle shades – it could well be what you’re after.

Whichever carpet you opt for, you can be sure of great service and fantastic prices from Flooring Megastore!

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