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How to Make a New Home Your Own

So you've moved into your new home, congratulations! After you've unpacked your boxes and started to settle in, you are bound to go through the same thoughts that most of us have, how can I make this house...my home?

Even with all of your possessions unpacked there are always going to be ways that you can make your house reflect yours and your family's personality. To help you with bringing your home to life, we've put together five things you can consider to help make your new home your own. 

Paint and Wallpaper

home improvement

Even if your new home doesn't need a lick of paint, this shouldn't prevent you from giving it a refresh to put your stamp on the place and spruce things up! Once you know what your furniture looks like in a room, try adding a feature wall or updating the colour of the entire room to bring your new living space to life and make it feel like the room is yours. 

There are so many choices of paint and paper to choose from so you can really get creative with it. Feature walls are popular to add a burst of pattern or colour to a room, but if you are looking for something different you can create your own mural on a wall.

This is also a great opportunity to get children involved and give them the chance to make their new room their own too. You can help them settle in by letting them choose the new colour or wallpaper design for the walls in their room. Just be prepared to strip it all down and replace it when the Spiderman phase comes to an end...

Improve your Flooring

laminate floor

Similarly to updating the colour of your walls, you can give your floor fresh new look too. With so many different types of flooring to choose from you'll be able to find the perfect bespoke flooring for you, your taste, your budget and your needs. Options include:

Solid wood flooring is a brilliant choice for those who want the real thing. Choosing solid wood flooring can introduce an elegant feel to a room. If you are looking for the real wood look have a tight budget to stick to then cheaper engineered wood flooring is perfect for maintaining that real wood real, just at a lower price. Having wooden flooring certainly adds a luxurious feel to a home, and can be both classic and modern in style. If that's not enough, it's also great for adding value to your property. 

If real wood isn't for you, give laminate a go. Laminate flooring is a incredibly versatile, practical and durable. It's fantastic ability to cope with heavy wear makes it a great choice for your kitchen and bathroom areas. Laminate floors replicates the look of real wood or stone patterns, and typically has a much smaller price tag. Unlike solid and engineered wood flooring though, laminate cannot be sanded down. 

If you are looking to make your home cosier, a new carpet is exactly what you need. It's a brilliant option for bedrooms, hallways, stairs (it's much safer than wood), and general living areas. Flooring Megastore offer a fantastic range of cheap carpets for sale whether you're looking for a heavy duty carpet or luxury carpets for either residential or commercial spaces. 

Fancy latching on to the latest trend in modern flooring? Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the one. LVT promise authentic, natural looking flooring designs at a fraction of the price of the real thing. You'll find Luxury Vinyl Tiles available in a limitless number of colours, designs and patterns; giving you the freedom to pick the style that beautifully matches the aesthetic of your home. 

You'll often find that LVT flooring manufacturers offer long warranties for LVT floors. For example, Polyflor offers 10-year warranties on their LVT products, while Amtico's products come with a massive 25-year warranty. 

Curtains and Blinds

Moving to a new home can mean that you have inherited the previous owners curtains and blinds. However helpful it is to get you by in your first few weeks in your new home, it isn't the same as if you'd got out and chosen them yourself. You want to put your own stamp on everything, right? Well a brand new pair of curtains are another great way of personalising your living space. 

Have a look at what curtains or blinds would suit your colour scheme. Curtains are brilliant for making your home feel cosier, while blinds can add a touch of contemporary class. Updating curtains and blinds can make a big difference to the feel of a home, and it's a relatively cheap way of doing so. You can also get creative here by adding a splash of colour to a neutral room or by aligning the style of curtain with the tones of the room. Because they're typically low cost items, you can continue to up-spec them and introduce a new look further down the line. 

Put up some pictures

if you don't particularly fancy going through the effort of painting your walls or putting wallpaper up then perhaps you should consider simply popping some pictures up on the wall? Photos of your family and friends are a fun way of making a space your very own. Adding pictures to a room can really make a difference by creating a unique, personalised environment for your home. Holiday snaps, special occasions, or those dreaded school photos - why not throw them all up? You can even get a bit arty if you like by mix and matching different frames and arranging them into a certain theme or collage. Not only will this look cool, but it's a great way of displaying those memories that you might otherwise tend to neglect. 

Don't forget the garden

Don't limit yourself to just the interior; the exterior is just as important. In order to make this your own, try renewing your flowerbeds with some new plants, pop up some hanging baskets or go the full hog and completely re-landscape. If you enjoy hosting, maybe consider investing in a patio or decking to create a space that allows you to entertain your friends and family at a BBQ or garden party. You can pick up some nice garden furniture without breaking the bank too. 

Whatever you choose to do with your new home to make it your own, Flooring Megastore is here to provide you with a huge range of flooring at brilliant prices suitable for all budgets.