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Flooring trends for 2018

Most Popular Flooring Trends For 2018

Flooring is a dynamic field, and every year brings its own trends and popular flooring that customers show more interest in. When it comes to the flooring trends of 2018, the general customer inclination is towards products that are rich in value yet not so heavy on the pockets. Customers are generally looking for flooring products that provide an excellent performance, are low cost and also happen to be sustainable.


Being a flooring company with a vast amount of experience in the field - At Flooring Megastore, we like to keep in touch with the latest trends in flooring. For 2018, the most popular trends have been towards grey floors, concrete style floors, parquet floors and green floors. In this article, we break down each of these popular trends. Let's get started!

Grey Floors

Grey Floors have seen a steady rise in popularity over the last few years, and 2018 might just be the peak. People looking to floor residential spaces are more inclined towards grey floors, but even commercial spaces can use grey floors for a smooth and neat aesthetic. If you're looking to add more style to the space, you can add a little more contrast with green and yellow colours to the grey floor. For some inspiration, take a look at the  Serenity range by Associated Weavers.  It features the super soft 100% iSense Nylon which we believe is softer than any cuddly toy out there.

‘Green’ Floors

Green Floors have one winning benefit for many customers. They tend to adhere to eco standard and don't generally emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or other toxic chemicals in to the environment. This helps keep the indoor air clean and healthy and also meets the demand for the ever growing customer consciousness about the planet and its well being. Moreover, flooring manufacturers that make green floors also tend to emphasise globally recognised flooring standards and are willing to go out of the way to satisfy the consumers in this regard.


Concrete Style Floor

Concrete Style Floors have become all the rage over the years. They have taken the form of a fashion statement with the help of etching techniques and dyes that can make them look more chic and stylish. You can now turn the, what’s considered, boring look of concrete into a full on style statement with just a few modifications and techniques. Take a look at our Expona Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile range  here.

Parquet Floor

Having been quite the flooring trend back in the day, Parquet Floor now seems to be making a comeback and has become a popular choice with customers. One of the best things about Parquet Floors is that it is very easy to install in a laminate version of the product. It also offers a rich look and can add more style to your floors. However, with the pros come the cons. Parquet Floor is very much an acquired taste and probably won't look pretty to everyone. If you're looking to sell your house anytime soon, it's best not to choose parquet floor and go with an alternative choice instead. If you wish to read more about parquet flooring please read our  article here.

Happy Floor Choosing!

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