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Flooring style trends for 2016

Flooring is intrinsically linked with interior design, so finding materials and colours that match your room plan is paramount. In fact, a floor has as much impact on the room as the wall colour or ceiling design – if not more!

Of course it’s unlikely you’ll be changing your flooring every year, but if a fresh new look is pencilled into the calendar for your home in 2016, you should start looking now for inspiration that’s stylish, current and modern. This will help you create a look for your living space that’s contemporary and up to date – meaning you won’t need to change it for a little while yet.

Take a look at our round-up below to see the colours, fabrics and styles you can expect to be a big deal in flooring, and indeed interior design, in 2016.

Strong, playful colours

Whether it’s bold, attention-grabbing carpets or stark contrasts of pale laminate floors with bright feature rugs – statement colour combinations and playful elements will dominate in 2016.

You have license to be brave with your interior design choices, so go bold! If you can’t bring yourself to throw caution fully to the wind, instead choose a neutral floor which will allow creativity in other areas, such as accessories and wall colours.

Natural materials and texture

As we’ve already seen, the use of natural materials in interiors is incredibly popular – a trend that will continue long into 2016. Wood, stone and natural fibres are all excellent choices for those looking to bring the outside in and give a rustic feel to their home. Additionally, many natural materials offer incredible textures, which come even more into their own with the addition of complimentary ones, both natural and synthetic. The contrast of shag rugs with beautifully smooth-grained engineered wood floors, for example, is just one such duo that works especially well.

Using natural flooring as an alternative to synthetic – with plant fibres such as jute, sea grass and coir – will be increasingly popular as people aim to make their interiors more sustainable for an eco-friendly future.

Metallic tones

Gold is set for greatness in 2016, with other metallic hues also expected to feature highly on trend lists. Pairing gold tones with white keeps it contemporary, preventing a room from feeling like a 70’s relic. Opulent-looking flourishes will add a little elegance – whether it’s in subtle accessories or extravagant furniture. Geometric flooring designs or even simple soft white carpet can also be used to carry through this style and round everything off nicely.

Colours of the year

Pantone is the global leader when it comes to colour in design. The company revealed the colours of 2016 in December – Rose Quartz and Serenity (pale pink and pale blue respectively). It’s the first time that Pantone has selected two colours rather than just one.

Both of these soft hues invoke feelings of peace and calm. Bringing these soothing colours into your home can balance out the stresses of the modern world, allowing your home to be a complete retreat, and both make great choices for rugs or floor coverings. In Pantone’s words: “Like a serene sunset, Rose Quartz encourages reflection on one’s surroundings, while Serenity, a transcendent blue, provides a naturally connected sense of space.”

Once you’ve picked your flooring, you can accessorise your room with functional and decorative objects. 2016 will see a growing trend for function and style – gone are heaps of pretty-but-useless ornaments, replaced instead with beautiful vases, elegant lamps and stylish side tables.

All this makes for a somewhat disparate list of trends in 2016. Whilst you wouldn’t want to push all of these together into one room, making the choice between golds, natural fibres, pinks and blues should not only create a room that’s exactly to your tastes, but bang on trend as well.