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Flawed Floors - How to Fix your Carpet Tears and Flooring Scratches

Have you got tear in your carpet or scratch in your beautiful wooden floor? Annoying, isn't it? Well, worry no more, as the Flooring Gurus are here to help. We've provided you with a few quick-fix tips to repair your flawed flooring!...

How to fix ripped or torn carpet...

Everyday wear and tear affects every type of flooring - it's inevitable - a carpet may rip or tear. Don't panic! Whether you've bought cheap carpet or heavy duty carpet, it can be revived! 

how to fix torn carpet

You will need:

- Trimming Knife
- Heat-activated carpet tape/flooring adhesive
- Steam iron

1) Assess the damage - Before you start, you need to know how bad the rip or tear actually is; it may very well be beyond repair, but let’s hope not. Once you’ve assessed the damage you can gather the necessary equipment to get your fix on.

2) Lift up the edges of the seam/rip – Use your trimming knife or a thin, flat-edged object to lift up the edge of the carpet where the rip or tear is. If the rip is only small, you may need to widen it with the knife – don’t worry; it’s all about to get tuck back together. 

3) Fold back the torn carpet – In order to allow room for the adhesive or seam tape, you will need to fold the carpet back as far as it will go to expose the under area of the rip. 

4) Replace/insert the tape – Use the knife to cut out the old tape, then replace it with a new strip of heat activated carpet tape or seam adhesive. The tape should be placed underneath the tear, make sure it’s long enough to cover the entire length. 

5) Iron it down – Once you have tucked the tape underneath, use your steam iron to press down on the carpet along the length of the tear. This will then stick to the tape and close up that rip! Be sure to use a protective base so you don’t burn your carpet. 

How to fix scratched hardwood floors...

fixing scratched hardwood floors

You will need: 

- A dampened cloth
- Mineral spirit
- Sandpaper or steel wool
- Wood stain market/food filler

1) Assess the damage – Like carpet tears, you need to take a look and judge how deep/wide the scratch actually is, as they may require different techniques and tools. 

2) Clean the scratched area – Dampen a cloth or rag with water and wipe it over the scratch to remove any dirt or debris. You can also use hardwood floor cleaner to get rid of any excess contaminants. 

3) Sand the scratch down – If the scratch is fairly light, use a piece of steel wool cloth to sand over. For deeper scratches, use lightweight sandpaper on the scratch - make sure you rub along the grain of the wood to avoid further scratching.

4) Apply mineral spirits – By rubbing mineral spirits over the area you’ve just sanded, it will clear away any dust, making the scratch ready for your infill. 

5) Fill the scratch – Gently apply wood stain marker or wood filler (that matches the colour of your floor) into the scratch. You can either use a plastic putty knife or a cloth to do this. Remember to follow the grain of the wood. 

6) Finish – Once dry, use a wood wax (cloth) or protective finish (brush) to clean up and add a nice finish the scratched area. 

So there you have it, in a few simple steps, you can fix up your flawed floors so they'll be looking just like new again! Happy days. You can find a great range of flooring tools and floor cleaning aids in the Flooring Megastore product range, be sure to stock up before you begin your flooring DIY!