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Five uplifting ideas for your staircase

Are you tired of the same old staircase? Or instead, are you looking for a way to jazz up your hallway? Maybe you’re just fed up of tripping over your tatty old carpet every time you rush upstairs. If so, it’s time to replace the flooring on your staircase. There are plenty of creative but, let’s face it, complicated staircase ideas floating around the internet. They look beautiful but aren’t always practical or even easy to replicate. Instead we’ve compiled five functional yet fabulous ideas to give you some inspiration for rejuvenating your staircase.

1. Play with pattern

Make your staircase stand out by laying a different pattern on the stairs - stripes can be used to great effect here – or even Fair Isle. This is particularly effective if you have a plain carpet or even engineered wood on the hallway floor.

When laying carpet on stairs remember to use a  thicker underlay than elsewhere in the home – this high traffic area needs something durable to withstand the pounding of many feet. It will also help keep the noise down too.

2. Add a splash of paint

Why not strip back the stairs and paint each step top (or ‘tread’) with a vibrant pop of colour? Chalk paint is a popular choice at the moment – go bold with primary colours. Wallpaper can also be used to add pattern or colour to the vertical part of the step (known as the ‘riser’), but if you opt for this then keep the tread plain for maximum effect.

If you have small children then uncarpeted stairs might not be your first choice. Instead, why not lay carpet in a neutral colour such as white or light grey, and paint the bannisters and rail instead?

3. Runner

Get the best of both worlds with a carpet runner. These allow you to show off your floorboards but retain the comfort of carpet by laying a luxurious strip up the centre. Leaving several inches either side of the carpet bare will give your stairs a classic look, and looks particularly effective in older properties. Adding a thick underlay padding will soften footsteps nicely.

4. Say it with pictures

Framed pictures don’t have to be plastering the entire wall, but adding some family favourites will add an uplifting touch to any wall. Play with a theme up the stairs – they could be comedic prints or favourite holiday snaps.

Wall art is also great for tying in a theme – adding even one or two up the stairs will brighten it in no time. If you fancy something quirky then why not show off your hat collection by hanging these on long nails? It’s decorative and functional!

5. Keep it classic

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple; opt for a delightful thick carpet in earthy neutral tones to match your hallway and landing. Something with a thick pile will be soft underfoot and give your staircase a comfortable, welcoming feel, warming up your whole hall.

Contrast the neutral tones with a bold wall colour or vibrant accessories. If you have accessible sockets then fairy lights can look pretty when strung up the outside of the bannister. Failing that, decorative bunting is very much in season and gives an on-trend shabby chic style.

See, it’s easy to make a feature out of your stairs! Don’t settle for the same-old; rip up that tired carpet and see what’s underneath – you might be surprised. Make the most of your boards with a runner or keep your family comfortable with a super soft but durable carpet.

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