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7 virtues of wood flooring

There are many benefits to having wood flooring in your home. From the ‘wow factor’ to being eco-friendly, we take a look at seven of the best reasons to incorporate it in your interior design.

1. Aesthetic appearance

Wooden floors add real character to a house, in a way that no alternative can. The timeless appeal of wood flooring is what draws many home owners; its neutral and classic look will never date, while its durability will mean it lasts for many, many years to come. A really desirable option, the delightful, natural texture and glossy sheen of wood has been used as a flooring material for centuries.

2. Long lasting, wood actually looks better with time

Whether you choose solid wood or  engineered wood, your natural choice in flooring will last far longer than carpet and even laminate. As it ages, the floor’s character will even develop.

A durable choice, engineered wood floor can stand up to scratches in much the same way as laminate, though any scratches or marks can be easily removed by sanding; unlike with other flooring types. A good quality wood floor will last decades, which is why brands such as Elka offer a whopping 25 year warranty.

3. Boost your property value

With a real appeal to them, quality wood floors can not only entice buyers into a quick purchase, but they can even add value to your property. Their durability, combined with the enduring popularity, makes wood a good option for a positive return on investment.

4. Easy to clean

There’s no need to shell out on expensive cleaners or harsh chemicals, a little natural oil is really all that is needed for a shining wood floor. Keeping it clean is easy; regularly sweeping or vacuuming your wood floor will remove surface dirt and dust; ensuring it stays smart for longer.

Spills can be efficiently wiped away – with no need to panic like you would about red wine on a beige carpet. Just remember to clean up spills quickly; a damp cloth should suffice. In fact mopping with excess water can damage a wood floor, so you see, easy cleaning is in its nature!

5. A hygienic choice

Hard, smooth floors like wood don’t trap dust in the same way as carpet, making them not only easy to clean, but a great choice for people with allergies. With no fibres for pesky dust mites to hide in, keeping your home free from dust and germs couldn’t be simpler with a wood floor.

6. Easy maintenance

Overall, wooden floors need very little maintenance; a little oil and buffing from time to time will keep them in tip top condition but really that’s only as often as you see fit. Manufacturers recommend application of natural oil every six to 12 months to keep your floor looking its best.

Wood floor is durable and hardwearing, but despite this it’s normal that your wood floor may show some wear and tear over the years. What sets wood floor apart from other floors is that it’s easy to literally peel off the years by sanding down the top layer to rid any scratches and stains. A much cheaper alternative than a whole new floor, refinishing in this ways means your wood floor truly is an investment that lasts decades.

7. Eco friendly

As a natural, renewable and recyclable material, wood is a great choice if you’re looking to minimise your carbon footprint. Unlike other types of flooring which use plastics and other man-made materials in the production; wood – naturally – has none of this. Plus, it uses much less water and energy in production than other flooring types.

In fact most manufacturers, such as Elka, go to special lengths to ensure their wood floors are sourced from sustainable and responsible forests, some floors can even be reclaimed from other objects such as boats! Therefore, choosing wood not only benefits you, but also the environment. 

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