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Zoffany Boutique by Alternative Flooring

Product code: Zoffany Boutique (Alt Flg)


Wool Croft by Alternative Flooring

Product code: Wool Croft (Alt Flg)


Wool Knot by Alternative Flooring

Product code: Wool Knot (Alt Flg)


Wool Tipple by Alternative Flooring

Product code: Wool Tipple (Alt Flg)


Sahara by Furlong Flooring

Product code: Sahara (Furlong)

£5.71 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Vantage by Furlong Flooring

Product code: Vantage (Furlong)

£5.99 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Oasis by Furlong Flooring

Product code: Oasis (Furlong)

£6.61 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Fairway by Furlong Flooring

Product code: Fairway (Furlong)

£7.18 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Apollo Plus by Cormar Carpets

Product code: Apollo Plus

£9.50 per m2 (inc. VAT)

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Carpet Online - Residential from Flooring Megastore

Despite a newfound love of resilient (smooth) flooring, the UK is still one of the world’s largest buyers of carpet, purchasing millions of square metes of carpet each month. The choice is enormous, but don’t worry, the Flooring Guru’s are here to help. First things first, we strongly suggest you browse our fantastic range of quality carpets which you can buy online.

Buy Gorgeous Carpets for all rooms!

Like our commercial carpets, our residential carpets come in a variety of different colours, styles and designs, so there’s literally a floor for everyone. The Flooring Megastore residential carpet collection: ranging from the luxurious & comforting Sphere by Lano to the beautifully stylish Vogue Stripe by Brockway, is guaranteed to have something that will completely transform your living space. If you feel your bedroom, lounge, study or hallway could do with an injection of colour and life, look no further than our wonderful selection!

Practical, High Quality Carpets

We know that having carpet can sometimes be a nightmare when it comes to maintenance, but we offer easy to clean carpets, including stain-free carpets - which are perfect for pets or kids! Having durable carpets doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. We offer stain-free tweed carpet, along with many other colours and styles from plush to hard carpets.

Our carpet range is categorised by use so that you can find the perfect flooring for your requirements. We understand that it’s not just homes that require re-flooring which is why we also offer a variety of commercial flooring, perfect for offices and other establishments such as restaurants. We have sorted these by luxury and hard wearing so you can find the right balance for your needs.

Buy Carpets Online at Cheap Prices!

Quality carpets don’t have to break the bank. And with our low prices and luxury range of carpet products, we guarantee you’ll find something to match all your needs, tastes and most importantly, budget.

Calculating the Cost of Your Carpet

So you have seen a carpet you like, but you’re unsure exactly how much it’ll cost you. Simple, give us a call and we will help you work out the exact price for your carpet based on your measurements and give you any other help and advice you need. Read our guide to find out  the cost of carpet per square meter here. Call one of our Flooring Gurus on 01622 790356 and we’ll help you buy your new carpet today!

If you’d prefer the carpet tile look, be sure to check out our fabulous range of commercial floor tiles. Alternatively, if you’re looking to install a carpet in your business environment, be sure to have a browse of our fantastic selection of commercial carpets.

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