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Stairrods UK

Price per unit
Available Colours

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Premier Square by Stairrods

Product code: Premier Square (STAIRROD)

£48.85 each (inc. VAT)

Premier Posh 30 by Stairrods

Product code: Premier Posh 30mm (STAIRROD)

£53.83 each (inc. VAT)

Premier DoubleZ 9mm by Stairrods

Product code: Premier DoubleZ 9mm (STAIRROD)

£56.57 each (inc. VAT)

Premier Posh 38 by Stairrods

Product code: Premier Posh 38mm (STAIRROD)

£59.32 each (inc. VAT)

G9 Geordie Gripper by Stairrods

Product code: Geordie Gripper (Stairrods)

£71.96 per box (inc. VAT)

Premier Posh 55 by Stairrods

Product code: Premier Posh 55mm (STAIRROD)

£77.28 each (inc. VAT)

Premier LVT Nosing (no bull) by Stairrods

Product code: Premier LVT Nosing (STAIRROD)

£82.76 each (inc. VAT)

Royale Stair Rods by Stairrods

Product code: Royale (STAIRRODS)

£87.29 each (inc. VAT)

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Stairrods UK from Flooring Megastore

Installing stair rods is a great way to give your stair carpet that extra touch of luxury and there are few better manufacturers than Stairrods UK.

The company, which operates worldwide, has been providing home and business owners with luxurious and practical carpet accessories for more than 30 years. Prioritising quality, it offers some of the best rods, door trims and binding on the market today.

A unique approach

Stairrods UK designs and makes all of its products in-house, with no part of the process outsourced. This allows its expert team to keep a close eye on quality, ensuring every stair rod that leaves its County Durham factory is of the highest possible standard.

Why buy stair rods?

Traditionally, stair rods were used to hold a carpet – or stair runner – in place. With fitting techniques so advanced these days, there’s rarely a need for anything more than the usual grippers and adhesives but they remain popular as ornamental enhancements. Pick the right one and it can make a great carpet look even better.

The Stairrods range

Seeing as we supply a huge range of Stairrods products, you’ll have no trouble finding one that complements your carpet perfectly.

At one end of the range, you have the beautifully simple Easyrod stair rod – perfect if you want to keep things subtle. Available in four different finishes – Chrome, Bronze, Black and Brass – it can be used with all kinds of different runners.

Fancy something a little more elegant? Take a look at the Royale range. This triangular rod offers a traditional appearance and comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes. What’s more, it can be sized to fit your stairs perfectly – if we don’t have the right length in stock, we can order it in.

These are just two examples from a much wider range that also includes door ramps and lip edges. To find out more, browse the products above or get in touch with the Flooring Gurus!