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Louis de Poortere Carpets

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Urbanite by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Urbanite (Louis de P)


Cordal by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Cordal (Louis de P)


Move by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Move (Louis de P)


Color.Net by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Color.Net (Louis de P)


Eco Dream Deluxe by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Eco Dream Deluxe (Louis de P)


Color Full by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Color Full (Louis de P)


Richelieu Dune by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Richelieu Dune (Louis de P)


President by Louis de Poortere

Product code: President (Louis de P)


Color Loop by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Color Loop (Louis de P)


Super Birds by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Super Birds (Louis de P)


Ultratone by Louis de Poortere

Product code: Ultratone (Louis de P)


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Louis de Poortere Carpets from Flooring Megastore

If you’re looking for a carpet with elegance and beauty, than a Louis De Poortere carpet is the one for you. 

Founded by Louis De Poortere himself in 1929, the company’s innovative Flemish textile has populated European markets, particularly Britain, where it is now very well respected by the contemporary consumer.

Quality Woven Carpets

The technicians at Louis De Poortere were already living in the future, with access to machinery that could carry out the most advanced techniques.

Louis De Poortere carpets are woven, not ‘tufted’ like many mass-produced carpets. Whilst tufted carpets offer value for money, woven carpets have a more discerning, handcrafted feel and a finish that lasts considerably longer than tufted carpets. Woven carpet is truly the epitome of high-end quality.

Character and Elegance

Louis de Poortere has injected the traditional Flemish flavour into the modern day carpet, creating a truly beautiful range of flooring products that will add character and elegance to your home.

Many homeowners are constantly seeking beauty, elegance and quality, without the hefty price tag and Louis de Poortere definitely fits this bill. The designers and technicians have created beautiful collections whilst offering value and accessibility.

Louis De Poortere flooring - Unique, bold design concepts

Louis De Poortere aim to “transform the generic, into magic.”; a concept that is evident to see in the diverse variety of flooring design that the brand offers. The modern homeowner is increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value and comfort; and this is exactly what you can find in Louis De Poortere’s wonderful selection of quality luxury carpets. They’re renowned for generating that ‘home sweet home’ feel - an experience you can embrace and cherish, and in some style too.

  • The Cordal is a classic, fine wool yarn carpet that is full of warmth and cosiness. The yarn used is both biodegradable and renewable, and makes for a gorgeous feeling, long lasting carpet. This is one of the most affordable products of the Louis de Poortere collection that we supply here at Flooring Megastore, and a fantastic example of classic Flemish carpet. Pick and chose the right colour for you and your home!
  • The Color.net is a colourful interpretation of the classic wool yarn. Made from 100% wool, this carpet takes cosy to a whole new level. With it’s stylish, uplifting design; you’ll be able to inject some life into any living space.

Find your Flemish Flavour

Discover the fantastic range of luxury carpets Louis de Poortere have to offer by browsing their product range above. If you have any questions or enquires, please feel free to get in touch with one of our Flooring Gurus!