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ITC Natural Luxury Flooring

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ITC Natural Luxury Flooring from Flooring Megastore

Throughout the years, ITC has made it is mission to provide access to wonderfully crafted, woven and designed carpeting to individuals all across the globe. Whether it’s a business, home or public space, ITC offer luxurious products for all spaces.

It was back in 1968 that ITC was born; within a matter of a few years, it has established itself as one of the frontrunners of the luxury carpeting niche. This gave them the opportunity to work with various individuals, businesses and organisations through which they were able to materialise creativity, aesthetic and innovation all in the form of flooring. So much so most interior designers, architects and contractors prefer their extensive collection to others when embarking upon their projects.

ITC offers a wide range of flooring products understand that every individual has a different palate of tastes and preferences. We stock naturally woven carpets and rugs that are made out of Sisal, Coir, authentic New Zealand Wool, Silk, Viscose, Banana fibre, Bamboo fibre and more. Why not take a look through the stunning ranges ITC have to offer? Order up some samples too, why not.

What can ITC offer you?

After years of research and development ITC have worked hard to ensure that their collection is as diverse as it is stunning. If you are looking for a one of a kind, luxurious and high end carpet, here are a few ranges to choose from:

Connoisseur Carpets

Made from material like New Zealand wool and Viscose, our customised carpets and rugs can be measured to the maximum width of 500cm. In order to maintain our standards, and fulfill your expectations, we give the flooring a matching suede effect tape that creates smoother boundaries for the carpet or rug.

Campeone Carpets

Through the use of a 100 percent authentic 6.6 pa nylon, we create durable, long-lasting, non-shedding, water resistant, soft and luxurious Cannes and Chablis – perfect for your household, office or other corporate needs. We even have Kensington options; dyed nylon perfect for use on a massive scale.

Couture Carpets

Explore the Couture collection made from Silk, Bamboo and Banana fibre or Viscose. Choose your preferred color, design and size as we custom make your carpet or rug.

Bespoke Luxury Carpets

If you are looking to spruce up your interior look, opt for their bespoke luxury carpets. Inspired by designs from across the world, these carpets make use of different materials in order to create sensational end products.

Natural Broadloom Carpets

They established a separate wholesale division which provides you access to an extensive range of broadloom products –Sisal, Seagrass and even Coir.

No matter the natural of the flooring you need, ITC is one solution that you should not overlook. We provide you the highest quality floorings that are guaranteed to meet your standards. As a company that sells to customers is over 43 countries, there is no place that makes us inaccessible to you.