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Elka Oak Scotia Profile

Product code: ELKASCOTIA

£3.59 (inc. VAT)

Elka Grip Adhesive by Elka

Product code: Elka Grip Adhesive (Elka)

£3.89 each (inc. VAT)

Scotia by Elka

Product code: Scotia (Elka)

£5.75 each (inc. VAT)

Tongue Tite Fixing Screws by Elka

Product code: Tongue Tite Fixing Screws (Elka)

£6.18 each (inc. VAT)

Elka Tool Fitting Kit by Elka

Product code: Elka Tool Fitting Kit (Elka)

£8.42 each (inc. VAT)

Duo Lay Wood & Laminate Underlay

Product code: Duo Lay (ELKA)

£1.21 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Classic 7mm by Elka

Product code: Classic 7mm Laminate (Elka)

£9.47 per m2 (inc. VAT)
(WAS £9.97 per m2 (inc. VAT))

Urban Laminate by Furlong Wood

Product code: Urban Laminate (FURLONG)

£10.76 per m2 (inc. VAT)
(WAS £11.33 per m2 (inc. VAT))

V-Groove 12mm Laminate by Elka

Product code: V-Groove 12mm (ELKA)

£15.10 per m2 (inc. VAT)
(WAS £15.89 per m2 (inc. VAT))

V-Groove 8mm Laminate by Elka

Product code: V-Groove 8mm (ELKA)

£11.41 per m2 (inc. VAT)
(WAS £12.01 per m2 (inc. VAT))

Chevron 8mm Laminate by Elka

Product code: Chevron 8mm (ELKA)

£13.24 per m2 (inc. VAT)
(WAS £13.94 per m2 (inc. VAT))

Incizo Bar by Elka

Product code: Incizo Bar (Elka)

£32.99 each (inc. VAT)

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Elka from Flooring Megastore

Elka is a flooring pioneer when it comes to choice; offering resilience and style all in one. Ranging from affordable to luxury and practical to robust, the Elka brand provides a wide variety of quality wood flooring to finish your home.

Highly competitive when it comes to pricing, all products are produced to the highest of standards. Coming from the same factory as the world-famous Quick-Step, Elka products use one of the most robust joining systems in the industry; the Uniclic locking system.

Elka flooring provides you with everything you need to prepare, fit and finish your flooring; ensuring the job comes together effortlessly.

The real attraction to Elka flooring is that you can have all the beauty and style within a wide range of budgets. To help make your decision that little bit easier, here is a short summary of the main characteristics of each material.

Elka Engineered Wood Flooring

Elka engineered wood flooring is a product at the height of practicality and beauty. Chosen for its strength, flexibility of installation and overall stability, this is an excellent alternative to solid wood floor. Made from layers of real wood with an upper layer of genuine hardwood, it is available in several oak finishes.

Its core strength is unique and comes from each layer being adhered at 90 degrees to the neighbouring layers. This moisture resistant core means it can be used in most areas of the home including conservatories and in conjunction with under floor heating.

Elka Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring is the perfect solution for completing your home decor. As a completely natural material, the grains and colours of Elka Solid Wood Flooring creates an ambience with real character and a sense of long life and permanence.

The traditional 18mm solid floors come with a whopping twenty year structural guarantee. With this added peace of mind, Elka Solid Wood Flooring will add beauty and elegance to any interior.