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Egger from Flooring Megastore

EGGER: Europe’s Brand For Everything Wood

EGGER has long been a name that has symbolised excellence and induced trust all over Europe. Ever since they opened their first plant in St. Johann in 1961, EGGER has been expanding to newer territories and stamping its name across the continent as something that ensures excellence.

Their first plant produced chipboard only, since then, EGGER quickly branched out into other areas, quickly expanding into fibreboard and furniture. EGGER’s foray into chipboard came about in 1994 when it took over a plant in Bunde, Germany. Between those years and the ones that came after, the management of EGGER stayed hard at work expanding the company’s name throughout the continent, offering an increasing number of people with wood-based products for all kinds of uses.

Ever since its inception, EGGER has been focused towards providing wood products that are not just of high quality and great to use, but also good for the environment. EGGER is one of the leading names in conservation, constantly striving to protect the Earth’s environment and encourage others in doing so too. In this fight, they have ensured that they play a big part by ensuring that their practices do not affect the planet negatively.

EGGER, What’s The Fuss About?

Having provided the European market with high quality wood products for over five decades, EGGER does not aim to stop anytime soon. They have continued to start out new and more interesting ventures, with their range of products, services, as well as the number of plants they have around the continent increasing with time. Currently, EGGER are involved in the following operations:

Wood Purchasing

EGGER creates a large number of wood products every single year, being one of the market leaders. For their immense range of products, they purchase a large quality of wood of all kinds, from sawdust to slabwood. The wood purchased is sourced from top quality forests and processing sites, ensuring that only the very best quality is selected. All of EGGER’s products are thus assured of quality.

Forest Management

For more than 25 years, EGGER has provided its expertise on forest management along with its marketing and timber management services. The idea behind the forest management service is based on two principles:

  1. Maximising returns and profits for the forest owner with good management.
  2. Ensuring sustainable forestry and conservation for the planet.

EGGER’s experts are exceptionally well trained and have a wealthy amount of experience in this department, helping forest owners get the very best management service due to backup by the very best experts and consultants.

Wooden Products

EGGER is a leading name throughout Europe due to its wooden products for usage on domestic and industrial scale. The products offered by EGGER include:

●Furniture and Interior Design

●Building Products

●Flooring Material

●Furniture and Interior Decors

●Flooring Decors


Each product is checked for quality and is built with the highest grade of wood. Carefully designed, developed, and tested, EGGER ensures that people all over Europe get the very best.