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Cavalier Carpets

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Stain-less Twist Luxury by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Stain-less Twist Luxury (CAVALIER)

£13.66 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Stain-less Distinctions Supreme by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Stain-less Distinctions Supreme (CAVALIER)

£14.83 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Stain-less Distinctions Regal by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Stain-less Distinctions Regal (CAVALIER)

£18.04 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Stain-less Serenity Regal by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Stain-less Serenity Regal (CAVALIER)

£18.04 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Stain-less Elements by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Stain-less Elements (CAVALIER)

£18.04 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Performer Twist 50oz by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Performer Twist (CAVALIER)

£20.15 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Criterion Twist Supreme by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Criterion Supreme (CAVALIER)

£20.94 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Pennine Heathers Sovereign by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Pennine Sovereign (CAVALIER)

£20.94 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Liberty Twist Supreme by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Liberty Supreme (CAVALIER)

£20.94 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Performa Twist 50oz by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Performa Twist 50oz (CAVALIER)

£21.89 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Downton Loop by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Downton Loop (CAVALIER)

£22.84 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Criterion Twist Regal by Cavalier Carpets

Product code: Criterion Regal (CAVALIER)

£23.40 per m2 (inc. VAT)

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Cavalier Carpets from Flooring Megastore

We absolutely love, respect and adore Cavalier Carpets. There are many reasons why but top of our list is our Head Honcho Flooring Guru's lasting memory and first impression of Cavalier Carpet's founder, Gerry Lowe.

New to the trade (back in 1988), the very first factory our Head Honcho visited was Cavalier's, in Blackburn. Even though our Head Honcho, then, knew nothing about flooring and was accompanying his then Boss on the visit to Blackburn, Gerry made a point of engaging our Head Honcho in all conversations.  Testimony and hallmark to the type of chap Gerry Lowe was.

Business-wise, Gerry was a true entrepreneur. Understanding the market, he was the pioneer behind making carpets in wider widths, something we all take for granted today. Dear Gerry is no longer with us but his spirit very much lives on, with his now very grown up children at the helm of Cavalier Carpets. UK manufacturing, from Blackburn, at it's best. Family, not corporately owned too… much respect goes to the Lowe family and the staff of Cavalier Carpets.

Product wise, you will find Cavalier's fingers in many pies. Predominantly, although not exclusively, Cavalier produce mid to top end carpets using our loved wool yarn. They also dabble in man made polyester and polypropylene carpets for the residential market.

Cavalier (and another reason we respect them so much) have a very successful commercial collection that serves the UK hospitality market and, get this, they export masses abroad too. Not many UK manufacturers do that, these days… but Cavalier Carpets do.

Here are some stand out Cavalier Carpets products:

Stain-Less Twist Luxury

Great value for money, man made, bleach cleanable, 10 year wear and stain warranty with whole house colours. Young family friendly, you'll love it, it's a way of life!


As Dua Lipa sung, one touch is all it takes… oh hang on, that was kiss… erm… anyways, one touch of Plush and you'll be smitten. Those familiar with the feel of a Cockapoo will identify to the feel of Plush. Like a teddy bear, but in carpet format, Plush is impossible not to fall in love with. Made from micro fibre polyester (better wear performance than polypropylene), Plush will look good for ages, all you need do is regularly vacuum. Keenly priced, 10 year wear and stain warranty, Plush gains heavy domestic wear classification and one for creating #FlooringEnvy

Downton Loop

Here we go! We enter the wool products now and Downton Loop is a belter to kick off with. Made from 100% wool, bringing you cosy softness man made fibres cannot match. Moth proof, 2 ply yarn for long lasting appearance retention, bang on trend colours and aggressively priced, we highly commend this wool loop carpet to The House! You'd be daft not to consider it… #TrueStory #AskForSamples

Cartouche Velvet

Carpet royalty is how we see Cartouche Velvet. Velvet carpet is arguably the hardest style of carpet to produce because any imperfections in the manufacture will jump out and smack you on the nose, whereas, say, tonal twists will hide any slight flaws (#TrueStory). Made from New Zealand wool (one of the best quality wools available for carpet manufacture), 1/10th gauge finish giving a cleaner, more define finish, moth proof and blended with polyamide and polyester make this almost as high specified as you could possibly go - according to our Head Honcho Flooring Guru. Certainly not the cheapest carpet about, but Cartouche Velvet really is a knock carpet, something very few folks would plump for… only for the most discerning of consumers. Creating #FlooringEnvy comes as standard when you buy Cartouche Velvet, which wins our #FlooringCouture stamp of approval

Classic Herringbone

Fancy a designer carpet? Striking, trendy, gorgeous. Cavalier's Classic Herringbone fits the bill on all interior design fronts. Aesthetic appeal of a herringbone but with all the everyday "living with" benefits that wool brings, Classic Herringbone is a "drop 'em dead" looking carpet. It staggers our Head Honcho Flooring Guru just how little this carpet is sold UK wide but we know very few retailers have the guile to put Classic Herringbone on display. Weird, eh? Fairly priced? - check; Good looking? - check; Practical? - check; UK made? - check; Creates #FlooringEnvy? - check. Classic Herringbone, in our opinion, is a designer carpet winner, so go take a look.

Colour Tin - design and make your own carpet!

Make contact with us for more details on how we can help you make your very own designed carpet (logos also do-able) for as little as 50m².