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Adam Carpets

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Pure Brit by Adam Carpets

Product code: Pure Brit (Adam Carpets)


Artistry by Adam Carpets

Product code: Artistry (Adam Carpets)


Rustic Berber Twist by Adam Carpets

Product code: Rustic Berber Twist (Adam Carpets)


Florentine by Adam Carpets

Product code: Florentine (Adam Carpets)


Inspirations by Adam Carpets

Product code: Inspirations (Adam Carpets)


Wyre Forest by Adam Carpets

Product code: Wyre Forest (Adam Carpets)


Boulevard by Adam Carpets

Product code: Boulevard (Adam Carpets)


Kasbah Twist by Adam Carpets

Product code: Kasbah Twist (Adam Carpets)


Sylvan Shadows by Adam Carpets

Product code: Sylvan Shadows (Adam Carpets)


Castlemead Twist by Adam Carpets

Product code: Castlemead Twist (Adam Carpets)


La Dolce Vita by Adam Carpets

Product code: La Dolce Vita (Adam Carpets)


Catherine by Adam Carpets

Product code: Catherine (Adam Carpets)


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Adam Carpets from Flooring Megastore

Fourth generation family owned business Adam Carpets produce arguably one of the most well constructed carpet in the UK. Founded in 1869, Adam Carpets became the first UK manufacturer to produce 5 metre wide carpet. Ensuring they are always at the forefront of technology Adam Carpets strive to maintain their quality and craftsmanship whilst still being affordable.

Colours to suit any environment

Adam Carpets are known for their colours. They specialise in creating unique and 'one of a kind' colours within their ranges. Within just two ranges, Fine Worcester Twist and Castlemead Twist they have an astonishing 125 different colours, we are sure you will find something to work within your room. They are one of the only manufacturers to dye carpet in the same place as their factory. This might not sound much but it gives greater control to colours and quality. It's extremely important when it comes to colour matching.

Wool products from the finest source

Adam Carpets are renowned for their wool based carpets. If the wool is not from the UK it's imported from New Zealand which is known for it's quality.

Castlemead Twist - Staggering 60 colours to choose from this traditional 80/20 carpet is perfect for hard wearing areas. This range contains 30% more 'twist' than all other carpets to give you that piece of mind. Made from the finest UK wool this is certainly a carpet not to be overlooked.

Fine Worcester Twist - So iconic this range even has it's own registered stamp, Fine Worcester Twist gives you a perfect level looking floor. An unbelievable colour bank of 65 colours you are guaranteed to find the right colour carpet. Do you have a problem with moths? Well, this carpet is guaranteed against moth attacks. This is a big problem in London especially.

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