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Banquo room shot

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Banquo by Mr Tomkinson

Product code: Banquo (TOMKINSON)


Delivery Timeframe: 3-5 Days

Banquo by Mr Tomkinson

Mr Tomkinson have just dramatically increased their prices to us. They have done this because they want to protect their core business, the independent retailer. A high proportion of these retailers work on vulgar margins and it's in Mr Tomkinson's interest, not the consumer's, to look after these greedy retailers. So, nothing wrong with Mr Tomkinson's products but they are grossly overpriced for what they are. You don't want to give them your hard earned money, do you?

Try these better value for money options:

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The key features of Banquo are:

  • Made from 50% wool and 50% polypropylene.
  • 3 ply yarn.
  • Wool yarn is best for creating a cosy feel & longer lasting performance, is biodegradable and from a renewable source - hoorah!
  • Moth proof.
  • Mr Tomkinson have not tested Banquo for TOG values.
  • Made with action backing which we recommend using with a new underlay.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Banquo suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.

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Extended Description

A fantastic value for money wool stripe carpet made from 50% wool and 50% polypropylene.  Mrs Trellis won't know what's hit her when she walks in and notices your brand new striped carpet!

This particular carpet only comes in 5 metre width.

Square Metre Price