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Bamboo Weave by Lano

Product code: Bamboo Weave (Lano)

Brand: Lano

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Bamboo Weave by Lano.

  • Made from 40% bamboo, 60% polyamide.
  • 9 year wear guarantee.
  • 10 year stain warranty.
  • 3 ply yarn for even better wear & longer appearance retention.
  • Bamboo has huge renewable, environmental benefits.
  • Polyamide fibre has excellent "bounce back" recovery qualities, out performing most other man-made fibres.
  • Anti-static.
  • Total thickness 6.4mm.
  • TOG value 0.68.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Bamboo Weave suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.

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Extended Description

Bamboo Weave carpet is suitable for the following areas in your home:  Lounge, dining room, study, hall, stairs, landing and bedroom.   Bamboo Weave receives a heavy domestic, light commercial rating.

Bamboo Weave has a 9 year wear & a 10 year stain warranty.

Lano's Bamboo Weave carpet is a fantastic carpet, almost impossible to do it justice with our write up here.  Bamboo Weave has a small, tight but clean looking loop and the touch , oooohhh, so soft!  

For the caring environmentalists amongst us, Bamboo Weave has a great story.  40% of Bamboo Weave is made from - you've guessed it, Bamboo!  More textiles are turning  to Bamboo.  You can get socks made for Bamboo, our Head Honcho Flooring Guru has several pairs.  Even Peter Jones has been known to wear Bamboo socks.  The importance of Bamboo is it's sustainability and strength.  Bamboo grows at a ridiculous rate, it's a busy plant!  To make Bamboo last longer and protect the mother plant, it needs to be regularly cut back.  The plant isn't cut to destruction, like wooden trees, it's actually left to start growing all over again.  All man made fibres are a derivitive of oil, a non-sustainable product, so this new fangled Bamboo yarn is a world saving revolution!

Bamboo Weave will cut a dash in any interior; modern, old, studio flat or 15 bed dwelling in Kensington. It has a great colour bank which consists of some continental European pastel colours as well as the regular neutral hues and is engineered in Belgium to last.

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