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Stainfree Classic Decor Room Shot

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Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor by Abingdon Flooring

Product code: Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor (Abingdon)

from £13.97 per m2 (inc. VAT)

Delivery Timeframe: 5-7 Days

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Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor by Abingdon Flooring

  • Made from 100% polypropylene.
  • 10 year wear guarantee.
  • Lifetime stainfree warranty.
  • 2 ply yarn for better wear & longer appearance retention.
  • Multi width options reducing waste, saving you money.
  • Bleach cleanable.
  • Total thickness 9mm.
  • TOG value 1.25.
  • Heavy domestic rating making Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor suitable for EVERYWHERE in the home.
  • One of three similar products. Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor is the entry level weight, whilst Stainfree Classic Twist is the middle weight and Stainfree Classic Supreme the heaviest.
  • Carpet Right call Aqua Pro-Tec Classic Decor "Two Step Plus".

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Extended Description

Stainfree Classic Decor carpet is suitable for the following areas in your home:  Lounge, Dining room, Study, Hall, Stairs, Landing and Bedroom.

Stainfree Classic Decor from Abingdon Flooring is pleasing on the eye and is easy on the pocket. We believe it's the perfect starting point for any home install with the new added benefit of Aqua Pro-Tec technology.

Aqua Pro-Tec gives your more time to clean up those everyday mishaps. Coating the carpet in a protective barrier that makes any liquid spill sit on top of the carpet and not soak in. Just soak up the liquid with a kitchen paper towel and watch it disappear right in front of you. It really is perfect for the modern home.

Stainfree Classic Decor is the lightest quality and one of three within Abingdon Flooring's "Stainfree Classics Aqua Pro-Tec" collection.  Stainfree Classic Twist is the middle weight option, whilst Stainfree Classic Supreme is the heavy-weight option.

Watch the video for Aqua Pro-Tec here.

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