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Altrofix 19 Plus Flooring Adhesive 1.5kg by Altro

Product code: Altrofix 19 Plus 1.5kg (Altro)

£33.86 each (inc. VAT)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 6kg by Amtico

Product code: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 6kg (AMTICO)

£39.18 each (inc. VAT)

F. Ball F41 5 Litre | Carpet Tile Tackifier

Product code: F41 5 litre

£39.49 each (inc. VAT)

F. Ball Stopgap 500 - 8KG

Product code: Stopgap 500 (F. BALL) 8KG

£40.14 each (inc. VAT)

F. Ball F40 5 Litre | Tackifier Adhesive

Product code: F40 5 litre

£45.71 each (inc. VAT)

F. Ball P131 5 Litre | General Purpose Primer

Product code: P131 5 litre

£48.90 each (inc. VAT)

High Temperature Adhesive 5 Litre by Amtico

Product code: High Temperature 5 Litre (AMTICO)


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