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Silver Thaw

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14.4m² of Soft Focus Heathers Silver Thaw by Cormar Carpets

Product code: Soft Focus Heathers Silver Thaw Rem (14.4m²)

from £114.83 per remnant (inc. VAT)

Delivery Timeframe: 1-3 Days

Remnant Deal - SAVE 50%

Soft Focus Heathers Silver Thaw by Cormar Carpets

  • A grade stock 3.60 x 4.00m (14.4m²). Only 1 piece available for just £114.83 - normal price £229.66.

For full spec details please visit Soft Focus Heathers page here.

Why is this so cheap?

It's a space thing… and we've not really got enough of it so, to encourage you to make that impulsive purchase we've slashed the price (and not the carpet).  Absolutely nothing wrong with this item, in fact, it presents a helluva deal for anyone who is in the right place at the right time. Razor sharp price… priced to quickly move on.

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