Look at some of these great products!

Apollo Plus by Cormar Carpets

£6.92 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Colonial by Victoria Carpets

£21.76 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Primo Excellence by Cormar Carpets

£10.75 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Sensation by Cormar Carpets

£12.46 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Cumulus Underlay

£3.22 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Colonia by Polyflor

£33.40 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Expona Design by Polyflor

£66.80 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Oak Rustic brushed/oiled (MP-011/1)

£48.40 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Looking to buy in bulk? We got you covered!

Dolphin knife - Buy 12 get 25% off

£101.25 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Gaffer Tape - Buy 24 get 20% off

£67.20 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Tape measure - Buy 12 get 25% off

£35.91 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

Anti Plas tape - Buy 12 get 20% off

£95.90 per sq. mtr (+ VAT)

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